The Latest Jeans Trends Perfect For Women Over 40

Let’s talk about an article of clothing we all own and love: jeans! Jeans have basically become our daily uniforms. Almost all of us own multiple pairs in many different styles and colors. Jeans are one of those items that are so personal to us. The brand and fit that you choose can work with your own style in ways so many other types of apparel can’t. Our loyalty to our jeans is unwavering. So, I want to take a look at where jean trends have landed in 2022. Here are some of the latest jeans trends for women over 40 you will want to add to your collection.

Best Jeans Trends for Women Over 40

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Straight Leg Jeans

The classic straight leg jean has made a comeback. Most recently, they were popular in the 90s, and since fashion is cyclical, they are back! The versatility that the straight leg jean offers makes it a front-runner on the list of jeans to add to your closet. Start with a simple high rise pair like these medium wash jeans from Banana Republic Factory. I like to pair high rise jeans with a tucked in crew-neck tee and oversized sweater. Add sneakers or a pair of flat boots to finish the look.


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Boyfriend Jeans

I have an old, now threadbare pair of boyfriend jeans that I got from Gap Outlet maybe 10 years ago, and they still make regular appearances in my day-to-day outfit selections. Boyfriend jeans offer a lot of style and a lot of comfort. The loose in the hip and thigh but tapered leg style pairs well with a slouchy top. For warmer months, a flat pair of sandals are ideal or you can dress it up a little with a fun wedge sandal. This pair of boyfriend jeans from L.L. Bean come at a great price and the organic cotton offers wonderful quality.

Boot Cut Jeans

To be honest, I think I missed the memo on when boot cut jeans made a comeback, but here they are! Boot cut jeans are not necessarily my go-to, but they can definitely have a place in my closet. I haven’t bought any new ones for the season, but I still have some from several years back that I’m excited to try again. If you don’t have some already, try this black pair from the Supersoft collection from Express. Surprisingly, I think boot cut jeans look best with ballet flats or loafers. The hem should fall just to the bottom of your heel.

Skinny Jeans

I know skinny jeans had their heyday and are starting to fade from popularity, but I still love to wear mine! They are so easy to throw on and look great with tall, heeled boots. Say what you will, but I think they are still super sexy and look so good on a lady with curves. I’m sure many of you have a closet full of skinnies. So why not add one more? I actually like the versatility of a mid-rise skinny jean like this pair from Express. I also like the darker wash. I know lighter washes in jeans are the new trend, but I still love the clean look of a dark wash pair.

Flare Jeans

I adore flare jeans. They remind me of my favorite decade: the 70s! The throwback silhouette is fun and it allows you to play with proportions with your look. I like to wear mine with an off-the-shoulder top or slouchy sweater. Chunky-heeled boots look best with flare jeans. These High Waist Flare Jeans by Lee are a nice pair to start with if you haven’t tried this style before.

Wide Leg Jeans

Similar to flare jeans, wide leg jeans are great in that they also allow you to play with proportions. I also appreciate they can be loose and comfortable, a little bit like boyfriend jeans. You have options here and can go leg-elongating wide, or over-the-top wide. I wouldn’t personally go the latter, but if you are feeling adventurous, try these Old West Slouchy Jeans by Free People. Slimmer fitting tops and jackets work best with wide leg jeans.

Expert Style Tips For Jeans

  • Choose a signature style. One of the things that many women over 40 know is what they like and what works for them. If all of these styles don’t work for you, that is OK! It’s great to have a signature jean style that is uniquely you.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed. It’s easy to think that with all the styles out there you have to try them all, or pick just one. There are no rules. If you think wide leg jeans are not for you, don’t give them a second thought! Jeans have evolved and are tailored to fit every body type and style preference. So take your time and enjoy finding your right fit.
  • Collect a variety of jean styles. Whether you like high rise, low rise, loose, fitted, blue or black, we love jeans because they are so versatile. Your worn out pair of 10 year old jeans that you religiously wear are just as special as the pair you just cut the tags off to wear for a night out. Jeans are the ultimate staple item and however we choose to wear them, we wear them well.

Shop Jeans for Women Over 40

Banana Republic Factory High-Rise Medium Wash Straight Jean, $27.99

L.L. Bean Women’s Signature Organic Denim Boyfriend Jeans, $99

Express Mid Rise Dark Wash Supersoft Skinny Jeans, $80

Lee High Waist Flare Jeans, $98

High Waisted Black Ripped Supersoft Bootcut Jeans, $88

Free People Old West Slouchy Jeans, $128

Will you add any of these new jeans trends to you closet? Which styles do you already own?

– Carmen Turner

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