To Wear Or Not To Wear Distressed Denim Jeans…THAT Is The Question!

Distressed Denim Jeans

You see them everywhere and you’d like to get in on the trend: distressed denim jeans. But can you really wear them when you are over 40? Yes you can! However, just like everything else you find yourself doing lately, you need to wear the trend in moderation. Where there’s a will, there’s a way and you can still be fashion-forward in distressed jeans and not look like you are trying too hard. Here is how to wear distressed denim jeans when you are over 40.

Distressed Denim Jeans for Women Over 40

So what should you look for? Here are a few tips when shopping for distressed denim jeans for women over 40.

distressed denim jeans for women over 40

1. Avoid distressed jeans with holes that expose your skin in too many places. So often the holes are around the knees, (ack!) which of course is now our least favorite area to show off. Look for a minimum amount of holes or fraying. Many designers feel our pain and offer denim with very few torn holes strategically placed … nowhere near your knees!

2. If you find a pair of distressed jeans you love, that have a hole in the wrong place, you can easily patch up the hole. Watch my DIY video to show you how to fix a hole in distressed denim jeans. It does not require sewing and it is super simple!

3. Find other versions of distressed jeans, such as cropped, stepped or fringed at the hem.

4. Get a pair in a cut that flatters you. If loose styling is best for you, go for loose. If skinnies look best on you then get distressed skinnies. Don’t be taken in by the cool distressed look if the denim style is not right for you to begin with!

5. If you put on a pair and think “these look too young for me” you are probably right! Go with your gut. But if you feel confident in your distressed denim jeans from the junior department, then go for them!

The wonderful thing about fashion and trends is that most can be worn by women of all ages. The most important tip is to always wear a trend with confidence.

Shop Distressed Denim Jeans for women over 40

(Pictured at the top, from left to right)

H&M Skinny Low Jeans, $39.99

J Brand Sadey Slim Straight Jeans, $278

PAIGE Hoxton Jeans with Straight Cut, $239.00

Blank Denim Win Box Jeans, now $68.60

H&M Super Skinny Ankle Jeans in White, $29.99

Gap Cone Denim® Super High Rise Straight Jeans with Distressed Detail, now $45


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