Big and Bold Print Black and White Dresses For Women Over 50

This isn’t exactly a new trend, but lately I’ve noticed a lot of big and bold print black and white dresses for spring and summer in stores. I first spotted several versions of these large print dresses at H&M. That’s great news, because you don’t have to spend a lot to add a lot of drama to your wardrobe.

Big and Bold Print Black and White Dresses

The black and white prints range from scroll prints and organic shapes to tribal prints and geometrics. One thing they all have in common is the size of the print. It’s big and bold and makes quite a statement. What I like most about this trend is many of the dress styles are midi or maxi length and shirt-style or looser fitting. That’s why they are ideal for women over 50. This season’s black and white print dresses are easy, breezy and comfortable to wear.

H&M Long Wrap Dress, $39.99

Reasons To Try The Trend

If you like to wear black and white, and are not that into bright colorful prints, these dresses might strike a cord with you. After all, they are cooler to wear than all black which can absorb a lot of heat. Besides that they are easier to wear than all white because there is less see-through with a print. I also believe that prints, even big and bold ones, are like camouflage. The viewer’s eye doesn’t quite know where to land, so even though you’re getting attention, it is on the pattern or print and not on parts of your body you’d rather hide. Try on one of these bold print dresses and you may be surprised that you may look slimmer.


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Favorite Black and White Print Dresses

Here are some of my favorite black and white print dresses with large scale prints at all price points.

black and white geo print Tie-belt Shirt Dress
H&M Tie-belt Shirt Dress, $57.99

I adore this geometric print dress from H&M. It has long sleeves with large cuffs in a slinky fabric. This dress is fabulous because you can wear it from spring to fall.

black and white print H&M Tie-belt Shirt Dress
H&M Tie-belt Shirt Dress $31.99

This is a very wearable lightweight cotton shirt-dress style for only $31.99 that can work from the board room to the beach. (Is the board room a thing of the past? I digress.)

Black and white Eres Rivage printed silk-crepon dress
Eres Rivage printed silk-crepon dress, $1,110

H&M often looks to the streets as well as the runways for trends. Perhaps they saw this gorgeous Eres dress for their inspiration.

Reiss Cami Stripe Print Dress, $390

Large mixed black and white prints are another option you may like. They are unique and offer more interest than an allover print. This dress from Reiss is wearable modern art!

How to Style Large Print Black and White Dresses for 2024

  1. Keep your accessories neutral. I would avoid “a pop of color” with these dresses. Neutral color handbags, shoes and sandals in tan, brown, black or metallics work best to let the dress stand out on its own. Adding color is fun but you want to avoid looking like a circus tent.
  2. Wear simple jewelry. Again, these dresses have so much going on with the print that you don’t need to add much more. A gold or silver chain necklace, an oversized cuff bracelet or large hoop earrings are all you need to keep the look chic.
  3. Belt it! Many of these dresses come with sashes, but if the dress does not and has too much volume at the waistline, a black, white or metallic (gold or silver) belt can make the dress fit better and look more flattering.

Shop Black and White Print Dresses

Do you like these large print dresses in black and white? Which is your favorite style?

Carol Calacci

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