Over 50 Style: Do I Still Care About How I Look?

Lately, when it comes to dressing up for any kind of event, I keep hearing myself saying “I don’t care.” Could it be that I, an avid follower of fashion and style, am possibly over it? Is this something that comes with age? Does this happen to women when they are over 50? Or am I just getting tired of dressing up and trying to impress people? Do I still care about how I look?

Do I Still Care About Fashion?

Well the answers to the above are no, no, no and yes! I’m mean, I really can’t say I don’t care about how I look and what I wear, but I know I don’t care about the same things that I did when I was younger. When I analyze this, It’s actually quite simple and I think many women will agree with me. Here’s how my outlook on fashion and how I dress differs today from when I was in my 30s or 40s.

How I Dressed In My 30s & 40s

  • I wanted to wear the latest trends.
  • I wanted to flatter my figure.
  • I wanted to look hot.
  • I wanted to wear designer fashion.
  • I wanted to look tall and skinny
  • I wanted to be seen in killer shoes.
  • I wanted every detail of my outfit from my shoes to my handbag to have the most exquisite details and be unusual and/or outstanding.
  • I wanted to make a statement.

How I Dress Today

  • I want to wear the latest trends, but I will also wear any trends from any time period.
  • I want to flatter my figure but not risk any discomfort.
  • I’m so glad I don’t have to look hot.
  • I want to wear designer fashion but usually one piece at a time.
  • I am not tall and skinny and I don’t care. (There, I said it!)
  • I can no longer wear killer shoes because they kill my feet (and back!)
  • I no longer care about every detail of my outfit from my shoes to my handbag to have the most exquisite details and be unusual and/or outstanding. (A classic or even somewhat boring piece makes me just as happy.)
  • I no longer want to make a statement, but if I do, so be it.

Cocktail Outfit In My 30s

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Here’s what I would wear to a cocktail party in my 30s. Cocktail attire was my favorite way to dress because you could dress up but still show off your personal style. I would wear a fitted and off the shoulder dress like this one with unique jewelry and matching accessories. The higher the heel the better!

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care about how I look fashion over 50 fountainof30

Here’s what I would wear to a cocktail party today, and actually, forever more! I do still love a cocktail party, only I prefer to wear pants and long sleeves. Flat shoes are a must, as well as a lot less fuss. A handbag and one piece of jewelry is all I need. And if one of the items is from Target, that’s OK too!

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Older and Wiser Over 50

If there is a good thing about growing older, it’s what I have learned about fashion. Today I know it is not worth the discomfort (and even pain) of getting dressed up to perfection. In fact, women who are not dressed head-to-toe designer are usually more stylish. I’m so glad that now I can be comfortable! I still recall the days of uncomfortable convertible bras and other undergarments necessary for super-fitted outfits, as well as the painful 4 1/2″ stiletto heels I maneuvered in back in the day. Today when I see a young woman fashionably dressed, I totally get it. But I have to say I really don’t miss those days. Life is much easier now.

Do I Still Care About How I Look?

Since my main focus has always been fashion, I never was that into beauty. Today the only thing I need before I leave the house is concealer, oh, and a little foundation, a swipe of blush… and eyeliner, some eye shadow, and lots of mascara, brow pencil and of course, lip liner, lipstick and gloss. Well, OK, I guess I do still care about how I look.

Carol Calacci

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