Pilates Private Sessions at Equinox: Complete Your Fitness Routine!

Rebecca Jordan Equinox Fitness
Everyone can benefit from Pilates. Pilates is a vigorous, highly-focused total-body conditioning workout that builds strength and improves flexibility simultaneously. It carves out your deep core muscles, corrects muscular imbalances, improves joint mobility, stability and posture. Using spring-loaded equipment or mat, Pilates  using resistance to strengthen while it stretches. By adding Pilates to your to your regular fitness routine, you will perform better in your daily life, profession or your favorite exercise or sport.
I jumped at the chance to try a private session class with Rebecca Jordan, 
Pilates Coordinator 
at Equinox Lincoln Park in Chicago. I had a bit of experience with Pilates though the years but I recommend a private session even if you have none. I had taken Pilates group classes on the mat, dance classes that included Pilates warm ups and a limited number of classes using spring loaded equipment. Every time I took these classes, they were challenging but I felt better and could feel my muscles toning. As I am aging, I feel more aches and pains in my back and I would also like to tone up!

Rebecca Jordan on Pilates equipment
Rebecca Jordan – Maybe some day I can do this move!

The session with Rebecca was outstanding because she tailored it to my needs. First she asked what my fitness goals were, if I had any injuries and what other fitness classes I was taking. Rebecca works with all kinds of athletes from football players to tri-atheletes to beginners. She was encouraging, understanding and pushed me where she knew she could! Her love and extreme knowledge of the practice are a bonus! Her upbeat nature, good humor and patience will take away any fear you may have of trying Pilates.
Rebecca coached me through several exercises on the mat and also on the spring loaded machines. At certain times I did not feel it was that difficult but other times I asked her “OK how many of these do I have to do?” I could feel all my muscles working during the session, concentrating on the core. The time flew by. It’s the kind of class where you sweat, but it is not like you have to re-do your hair! Don’t you love that? When it was over I felt like I got both a workout and a massage. Amazing!
Add Pilates to your personal fitness routine be it personal training, running, fitness classes, yoga, spinning or cardio for a complete wellness routine.
Equinox What is Pilates
Mention this story at Equinox Lincoln Park and receive a complimentary Pilates session! 
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1750 North Clark Street 
Chicago, IL 60614 
– Carol Calacci
Session provided for review but the opinions are my own.

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