My Beauty & Fitness Resolutions For 2016

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions because, like starting a diet on a Monday, most are destined to fail. So I like to keep it simple so I might actually succeed in accomplishing some of my goals. For instance, last year (or was it two years ago) I said I would learn to straighten my hair like the pros. Photos prove that did not happen. So without further ado, here are my beauty and fitness goals (I prefer that word to resolutions) for 2016: 1. I will get back to barre classes and whip my now jello butt back in to shape! This one was really out of my control since I spent a great deal of 2015 on my back recovering from spinal surgery. I was just lucky to get out alive, upright, 2 inches taller and with less than 10 pounds of weight gain. My core, thighs and rear end, however, have turned to mush in nine months time. (TMI?) Yet, unlike the current big Kardashian butt trend, I still prefer a small, yet tight posterior. I know what works on me and high and tight it is! If my thighs start to touch, I’m done for. Unfortunately due to said spinal surgery my workouts are limited to barre classes for now (even those I can only do at about 75%). So to ensure I have no excuses I have secured two gym memberships! One at Bar Method and another at Equinox (which has added some barre classes too). 2. Get the nearly 10 pounds I gained off while being a sloth. Again, somewhat out of my hands but the excuse train has left the station. I bought the The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight by Haylie Pomroy and Eve Adamson this past September and know I can do this because I was until I fell off the wagon for the holidays. I can’t starve myself thin. I like food too much. Oh and there is also an accompanying app which I find helpful in restaurants and for making sure I drink enough water. Yes, I need to also drink more water! 3. Rock a red lip more in the daytime and back off the heavy eye makeup. I think a softer eye paired with a red lip is very beautiful at any age. Smoky eyes are a bit overdone and played out anyway. 4. Go blonder! The older I get the more grey I get and so the blonder I get. If I go dark it’s too hard to maintain and too harsh against my skin tone. So the next time you see me, I may be a true blonde. It hides the grey. What can I say? I am going to eventually be platinum like my mother. Isn’t that scary? Thanks Hamid at Sassoon NYC. 5. Visit my favorite plastic surgeon more often. As I (ahem) age, the more visits to my favorite youth spinner Dr. Brian Cohen I need. I’m all for filler, Botox and laser skin tightening – anything to avoid a face lift! A tummy tuck or tightening after 2 kids would not hurt either. Not that you would EVER find me in a bikini again, but it doesn’t matter. I still want to look and feel good about my appearance. I loathe telling my age, but I love the reaction I get when I admit it more! Happy New Year! What are your resolutions? – Lauren Dimet Waters Image Layout: Fountain Of 30  

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