How to Practice Self Care: Fitness At Home

We can all practice a very important form of self care, and that is regarding our fitness. Exercise is so important, not only for our physical health but for our mental well being. So you have a choice! You can sit around and be lazy or do whatever you can in order to to stay fit every day. And as we all know by now, you don’t have to go to a gym or fitness club, either (thanks pandemic). You can do it it within the confines of your own home. Summer will be here soon, so get a jump-start and get in shape right now. Here are some of the best ways to practice self care with fitness at home.

Self Care: Fitness At Home

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Free Workouts

We listed a bunch of free workouts and apps in our Resource Roundup, so you can start there! We found workout videos from yoga, dancing and stretching to pilates, weight training and HIIT training. Pick a workout that appeals to you!

Many trainers are offering free videos and deals during the quarantine so now is a good time to check them out. There is a workout and an instructor that is a good fit for each of us. (I adore TrainerKristen!) You might even find several new favorites. Try different videos and put together your own daily fitness routine. Set a time for your workout each day, or every other day, but I recommend you get on a schedule!


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Set Up A Mini Home Gym

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Target Tone It Up DumbBell Sports – 5lb, $8.99
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Sivan 6-Piece Yoga Set, $44

Many workout videos require little or no equipment, but you can also see what they are using in the videos (like a kettleball or bands) and set up your own home gym. I personally think a mat, lightweight dumbbells (5 or 8 lbs) and a strap for stretching is all you need. You can get a yoga mat for less, but I like this 6 piece set with blocks, towels and it comes with a strap!

fitnes at home gym Resistance Bands
Rainbow009 Resistance Bands, Exercise Bands Workout Bands for Stretching Pilates and Home Fitness, 5 Stretch Levels Workout Elastic Band, $11.99

Yet there are many resistance exercises that use elastic bands, which are available online. I found this equipment at Target and Walmart so you can either get it shipped to you or to a local store to pick up.

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Fabletics Trinity Performance Jacket, $69.95

What Will I Wear for Fitness At Home?

Wear anything that is comfortable, but this is a good excuse to pick up a few new pieces of fitness fashion! I have become a fan of Fabletics, not only for their cute color-coordinated “outfits” but I have purchased many of their jackets and coverups (and on sale too) that I have worn to death.

fitness fashiion Fabletics Maj Pants fountainof30
Fabletics Maj Tricot Pant, $64.95, $44.95 members

I adore their Maj pants, which are a looser style jogger. They are quite forgiving and will take you directly from the mat to the grocery store. Fabletics has a monthly membership program. But you can skip any month if you don’t want an outfit and still be on their list to get the sales and deals. Other great places to shop for fitness apparel are Gap Fit, Athleta and Lululemon.

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Olly Women’s Multivitamin Gummies, $17.99

Prepare and Recover

When you become an in-home athlete, you may need to practice additional self care. You should eat right (get your high pH fruits and veggies in, such as oranges and avocados to help fight against COVID-19) and stay hydrated! You may also like to give your immune system a boost with a supplement like these Olly Women’s multivitamin gummies from Target.

self care fitness at home supplemnts
Ami Wellness Soothe Tincture, $59

After your workouts remember to stretch! And if you feel some soreness you can try Ami Wellness Soothe Tinctures made of a blend of turmeric, ginger and proven anti-inflammatory herbs.

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The Wave Tool, The Ultimate Soft Tissue Release Tool, $49.99

I recently learned about this magic little device called The Wave when I went to physical therapy after straining my knee. (I injured it because I did not warm up enough before a workout, so take heed and always warm up!) My physical therapist used it on my knee and other muscles (they are all connected, it is really quite amazing). She told me you can get one on Amazon. I recommend everyone own The Wave for deep tissue massage for your own self care. And you can massage others like a pro without hurting your thumbs in the process (that’s more self-care!).

Always be careful when starting any new exercise routine. Be smart, start with beginner levels and take your time.

Do you have any self-care fitness tips for working out at home?

Shop Self Care Fitness at Home

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  1. Les Mills has a 28 day Body Combat series of videos on YouTube. It’ll start for someone at more of a beginner level and work up so that by the last workout (workout #14), you will do a full Body Combat class (approximately 45 min). Fun, if you’re looking for something new and challenging.


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