How To Practice Self Care: Your Stay-At-Home Wardrobe

If you are like me and have been working from home these last few weeks, maybe you are finding it difficult to get out of a routine of staying in pajamas or ratty yoga pants all day. My closet with all of my work clothes and going-out clothes hasn’t seen the light of day and who knows when it will at this point? However, just because the lockdowns continue, it doesn’t mean we have to be stuck in a cycle of ill-fitting, old clothes there were only meant to be worn for a couple of hours a day (or frankly, should probably be thrown out). Now is the perfect time to take your mind off of what is going on outside and practice some self-care with your stay-at-home wardrobe.

Self Care: Stay-At-Home Wardrobe

Putting together this self care wardrobe made me feel a little bit more like myself since I’m prohibited from doing so many other things that I enjoy (going out to movies, dinner…) Also, because unfortunately for some of us, money is getting tight, all of these picks to upgrade your wardrobe are under $60. Being able to treat yourself a bit, hopefully won’t break the bank. 

stay at home wardrobe slippers EMU Mayberry fountainof30
EMU Australia Mayberry, $59.95

Pamper Your Feet

A great pair of house slippers are a must for me, especially on hardwood floors. I have been able to get multiple pairs that have rubber soles and shearling linings. What a lot of people may not know about shearling (the real stuff, not the faux shearling) is that is keeps your feet warm in cooler climates and cool in warmer ones….did you know UGG boots were originally created for surfers? If you want to invest in a nice pair that won’t put a huge dent in your bank account, I would suggest these EMU Australia Mayberry Slippers. The open slide style allows for easy on, easy off and the indoor/outdoor sole lets you wear them outside if you need to peek outside or get the mail.


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self care wardrobe Bombas Socks fountainof30
Bombas Women’s Classic Marl Calf Sock 4-Pack, $45.60

One other thing that you may not think too much about is what kind of socks you are wearing. I’ve noticed a huge difference in comfort and staying power when I invested in a great pair of socks that fit my feet like a glove. Give these Women’s Classic Marl Calf Socks from Bombas a chance. You may not realize it now, but a proper fitting pair of socks can be a total game changer.

Self Care: Stay-At-Home Wardrobe Printed Leggings fountainof30
Soft Surroundings Have to Have Printed Leggings, $59.95

Your Stay-At-Home Wardrobe: Comfort On the Bottom

After much trial and error, I realize that when wearing lounge pants for hours of sitting around, I much rather prefer fitted ones over loose ones. Have you ever had a time when you were in your billowy lounge pants and got hung up in them when trying to shift around on the couch? Just me? OK, well for that reason specifically, I like legging type pants for lounging and I found a fun option for you! These Have to Have Printed Leggings have a comfort fit and come in more colors than a person could want! It’s next to impossible to not find a pattern or color to fit your style.

Cuddl Duds® Softwear top self care wardrobe fountainof30
Women’s Cuddl Duds® Softwear with Stretch Short Sleeve Scoopneck Top, now $18.99

Versatility At The Top

A simple tee or tank is ideal when you are home working or just relaxing. Something made from soft, stretchy and breathable fabric is a must and one that works well with other layered pieces is even better. I practically lived in these Cuddl Duds separates throughout the winter and transitional season. If these Softwear With Stretch Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Tee are anywhere as comfortable as the long sleeve option and the leggings, you are in for a treat.

The modal and spandex blend keeps you at a constant comfortable temperature and this ideal fabric makes them easy to-care for.  So don’t worry about any spills or stains you may get when playing with your kiddos who haven’t made it back to school. I wouldn’t mind stocking up on a few of these. The price tag can’t be beat and you can wear them year around, both indoors and outdoors.


Stay-At-Home Wardrobe Donegal Sweater Cardigan fountainof30
L.L.Bean Organic Donegal Sweater, Open Cardigan, now $54.99

Top It Off

I am almost constantly wearing a sweater, sweatshirt or robe over anything else I have at home. For some reason, the temperature is never quite right for me! I love to wear something that zips up or an open front topper that I can easily take off or put on as needed. I also appreciate something that is nice enough for when I do leave the house for a quick errand. All I have to do put on a pair of sneakers and I’m good to go. This Organic Donegal Open Cardigan Sweater is perfect for that. I love how the cotton blend is lightweight and can serve as a great seasonal transition piece.

self care wardrobe Soma 360 Modern Brief fountainof30
Soma 360 Modern Brief, $18, or 7 for $50

Cover Your Basics: Stay-At-Home Wardrobe

Let’s not forget the base that goes under all of this. If you are investing in some lounge wear, why not invest in some new and comfortable undergarments? If you are like me and haven’t worn a real bra in weeks (I’ve switched exclusively to bralettes) then you want something underneath that is still supportive and sexy, but ultra-comfortable. Your choice in undergarments is so personal, but having all the options in one place can help you figure out your needs. Something simple and beautiful like this Vanishing 360 Modern Brief from Soma is a wonderful option for when you are spending more time at home than before. The coverage and support is nice without being too much and making you feel like you’re wearing “granny panties”. Comfort is key with these briefs.

Self Care Wardrobe Soma Bralette Lace Plunge Racerback
Soma Bralette Lace Plunge Racerback, $30
Stay-At-Home Wardrobe Soma Seamless Bralette
Soma Seamless Bralette, $30

If you’ve gone the same route as me and have ditched the underwire until further notice, a bralette is ideal for when you are spending more time at home. They also work well when venturing out by still giving you decent coverage and support. For the smaller busted ladies like myself, I prefer something light with a little bit of lace like this Lace Plunge Racerback bralette. There’s something about the lace that makes me feel like I’m getting dressed up, even if I’m just sitting around the house. If you have a larger bust and need a little more coverage this Soma Seamless Bralette is a good option. It’s fuller coverage in the front and the back to give you extra needed support.

I hope this self care wardrobe guide has helped you to stay comfortable at home. Do you have a stay-at-home wardrobe?

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–Carmen Turner

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2 thoughts on “How To Practice Self Care: Your Stay-At-Home Wardrobe”

  1. I’ve been challenging myself more to look more ‘presentable’ during this pandemic, not ’cause I’m expecting company, but to feign normalcy somehow. I still wear lounge wear with loose shirts and bottoms / leggings. But I braid my hair, slap on some concealer and blush, and lip balm. These are tough times, especially mentally, so we all need to do what makes us feel a bit happier. Stay safe!


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