How To Organize Your Closet In A Snap with Easy Storage Ideas

Spring is a good time of year to assess and organize your closet. One way to prep for the new season ahead is to clean up and organize your space. We think that’s always a good idea and it will to give you a clean slate and a fresh outlook. So let’s discuss how to organize your closet including jewelry, scarves and other accessories.

How To Organize Your Closet

Organizing your closet can be a way to feel productive. There are plenty of DIY closet organization ideas that are easy to achieve with items you can have delivered to your door.

So without further adieu, here are some of best closet organization ideas that you can implement in a snap.


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Closet Organization Ideas

Closet Organization Ideas ClosetMaid closet organizer fountainof30
ClosetMaid ShelfTrack 5 ft. – 8 ft. 13.4 in. D x 96 in. W x 49.3 in. H White Wire Steel Closet System Organizer Kit, $134

Hanging Closet Organizer

There are tons of closet organizers available online, but we tend to be fans of wire shelving solutions like this one by ClosetMaid from Home Depot. Similar products are available at most major hardware chains or IKEA. They are super adjustable and don’t visibly impact the clothes on display.

There’s a reason most major retailers use wire set-ups in their stores and it’s not just because they are cheap. They’re sturdy, flexible and don’t detract from showing off the clothing. Your wardrobe can and should be displayed similarly!

Having an organized closet is one of the best ways to avoid that “I have nothing to wear” feeling. It will help you use what you have more efficiently, and maybe prevent you from buying the 10th pair of dark jeans or 12th white tee since you can see your inventory.

hanging clothes organizer fountainof30
Eric 56″W – 76″W Closet System, $214.99

You can also take things literally out of the closet with an open closet organizer like this wrought iron one from Wayfair. Closet organizers like these can be a good way to deal with small closets (or if you have an extensive wardrobe). They can help you display the pieces you treasure most, even if you don’t wear them everyday. For instance, wouldn’t you like to see that amazing dress or jacket, perfect pair of heels, or designer bag more often? Open closet storage can be a great and unexpected way to get more enjoyment out of your favorite pieces.

Organize Your Closet By Color

When it comes to actually sorting out your clothes, separating out your clothes by type (naturally) and by color is also helpful. Following a rainbow or ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) order can be pleasing and help you keep track of what’s where too, along with organizing your clothes by purpose and season of course.

Organize Your Closet By Clothing Type

We also like to keep team gear or college alumni gear separately too. So if you have a collection of apparel from your favorite team that might need its own section. If you tend to have a range of sizes in your closet due to fluctuating weight, it might be best to organize your clothing by size. Perhaps make capsule wardrobes for each size rather than color/season as well.

Sort, Toss or Tailor

If you’re organizing your closet, it’s also a good time to sort out the stuff that you truly never wear (for donation) or items that need to be mended (or just tossed).

mirrror jewelry cabinet fountainof30
Super Deal 2in1 Free Standing Jewelry Cabinet Lockable Full-Length Mirrored Jewelry Armoire, $78.98

Jewelry Storage Ideas

Your standard wooden jewelry box is probably not the best way to organize and display your jewelry. However there are a lot of other jewelry organizer solutions out there that can both help to protect your treasures and let you display and see what you have. This mirrored jewelry armoire is a perfect example and it serves a dual purpose!

craft organizer for jewelry fountainof30
Deep Utility Organizer by Simply Tidy™, $9.99

DIY Jewelry Organizers

You can probably create a DIY jewelry organizer on your own, using what’s generally available at craft stores. Look for the bead or embroidery organizers, ideally with clear drawers and sides so you can easily see what you have. This organizer available at Michaels works well.

Acrylic Jewelry Organizer fountainof30
BOCAR Acrylic Jewelry Organizer Box Earring Necklace Transparent Display Storage with Vertical Drawer, $42.99

Or you can go for one like this clear jewelry case from Amazon that’s specifically designed to hold earrings (or both if you have a lot of earrings). Use the bead cases for studs and smaller ones and the hanging case for chandelier or more dangly styles.

Creative Jewelry Storage Ideas

Other jewelry storage ideas? Hang a series of hooks on your wall and display necklaces and bracelets that way. This works for scarves as well, and you can use your jewelry and other accessories as artwork (which it is) and enjoy them all every day. Another reason to use hanging jewelry storage is that it helps keep everything from getting all tangled up. Anyone who’s had to carefully separate various fine chains or similar will know that putting a bunch of necklaces and bracelets in a box together is going to lead to jewelry chaos.

Paper Towel Holder chrome fountainof30
Spectrum Diversified Euro Paper Towel Holder, Chrome, $8.38

You can also use a paper towel holder to store and display larger bracelets or bangles. It might seem unorthodox but it works great and lets you actually see what you have, which we think is absolutely key for jewelry storage and wardrobe organization in general. Something simple like this paper towel holder from Amazon will work well, and the price is right – especially if you have a lot of bracelets!

Over Door Organizer fountainof30
Lynk Over Door or Wall Mount 16 Hook Rack Shirt, Belt, Hat, Coat, Towel Organizer, $23.99

How to Store Your Accessories

There are lots of DIY closet organization ideas for accessories, but one of our favorites is building your own shelves or using customizable closet organizers to design a closet storage system that fits your available space perfectly. Wayfair, IKEA, Lowes, Home Depot and more all have plenty of options where you can choose the amount of shelving, rods, and drawers you need.

What’s more, you can also use command hooks or an over the door closet organizer like this one from Amazon for your scarves, hats, and belts. Put one on the back of your closet or bedroom door or both depending on how many things you need to organize and maximize your available space.

You can also use over the door shoe organizers like this one from Wayfair for sunglasses if you have a lot of pairs – the slots will protect them and you can get a clear view of your choices for each day.

Overdoor Shoe Organizer fountainof30
Rebrilliant Shop 26 Compartment Overdoor Shoe Organizer, $21.99

Shoe Organizer for Closet

One of the most challenging things to organize are your shoes. Let’s face it, if you’re reading this site you probably own a decent amount of shoes with a range of sizes and shapes from strappy sandals to over-the-knee boots to sneakers and more.

Stackable Shoe Rack Shoe Organizer fountainof30
Simple Trending 4-Tier Stackable Shoe Rack, Expandable & Adjustable Shoe Organizer, $29.97

Which is why we tend to prefer open shoe organizers like this 4-tier stackable one in order to let your shoes breathe. Place larger pairs like tall boots on the top, flats on the bottom and you can still see all the pairs that you have on hand.

Closet Organization Strategies

As you can see, the main key to your closet organization strategies is solutions that allow you to actually see what you have and re-wear your favorites. You can enjoy seeing them and letting them “spark joy” a la Marie Kondo on a daily basis!

Still wondering how to organize your closet? Share your questions on the comments or in our Facebook group and we’ll help you crowdsource the answers for how to organize your closet, DIY closet organization ideas, and more.

– Jacqueline Zenn

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