Killer Heels That Won’t Kill Your Feet (or Your Pocketbook)

Clean and classic, pointed toe high heel pumps are totally on trend for Spring 2023. Luxury designers like Tom Ford, Saint Laurent and Christian Louboutin are offering the most exquisite killer heels in luscious leathers, stunning colors and gorgeous finishes. Nothing could be more sleek and chic, but nothing is more more painful to wear.

They come in the highest of heel heights, and most women over 50 can not, or simply will not, wear these killer heels. Not anymore. Many of us have been there and done that, and can no longer bear the discomfort and treachery of teetering on heels over 4″ tall.

High Heel Pumps That Won’t Kill Your Feet

That’s why I set out to find killer heels that won’t kill your feet. The key is to find similar styles that are much lower! Bringing the heels down to 3-1/2 inches or less is much more bearable for most of us. I also found shoes for less money, so not only did I bring down the heel height, but also the price! This is quite literally high vs. low fashion.


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high heel pumps with jeans
Amina Muaddi Sharon neon leather pumps with jeans


How To Style Killer Heels for Spring 2023

The reason I am so excited about these shoes is that they can make a statement and give your spring wardrobe an instant lift. (No, that lift doesn’t need to be too high.) Wear them with everything from evening wear to denim jeans. Add a pop of color to maxis, midi-dresses and pencil skirts, and make a sleek pantsuit look more feminine and authoritarian. And yes, these power shoes work well with a power suit.

Pick your favorite color and wear these pumps with all neutral, or don’t worry about matching! A bold color shoe can make a statement with anything you wear. My favorite way to wear them is with jeans and a blouse or t-shirt and a blazer.

How to Shop for High Heel Pointed Toe Pumps

My recommendation is to find heels that are 2-3/4 to 3-1/2 inches high. If the pumps are too low, you won’t quite get “the look”. Also order up a half size, especially if your foot is wider, to allow for room in the pointed toe.

A heel that is more substantial than a thin stiletto will give you extra comfort and will make it easier to walk. Remember how these heels would get stuck in the cracks on the sidewalk and bust up the heel cap? A wider base heel will alleviate this problem and save the shoes from repairs.

If wide widths are available, try them on, but you don’t want them to be so big they are slipping off. For extra comfort, look for real leathers, woven fabrics like satin or suede which have more give than (ouch) faux leathers.

Try on or order a few sizes and styles. Unfortunately, shopping for killer heels is like shopping for jeans or a bathing suit. You really need to try on several sizes, various heel heights and different styles to get the right fit, but you’ll be happy in the long run!

Shop Killer Heels High or Low

Here are some of the best high heel pumps of the season and lower-heeled, lower-priced versions. Hey, if you can wear the designer killer heels, go for it!

colorful high heel pumps fountainof30


Red Patent Killer Heels

Gianvito Rossi Patent Point-Toe Pumps, $725

J. Reneé Kanan Pointed Toe Pump, $99.95

Lilac Sling Backs

ChrIstian Louboutin Hot Chick Sling Patent-leather Slingback Pumps, $845

Lisa Vicky Piper Pointed Toe Slingback Pump in Suede, $99.95

Peach High Heel Pumps

Tom Ford Logo Leather Pumps, $1,290

Katy Perry The Golden Pointed Toe Pump, $89

Violet Pointed Toe Pumps

Saint Laurent Marylin Pointed Toe Pump, $745

By Far Viva Pointed Toe Pump, $432

Metallic Gold

Manolo Blahhnik BB 105 Metallic Leather Pumps, $725

Katy Perry The Marcella Pointed Toe Pump, $98

Kelly Green Pumps

Gianvito Rossi 105mm Gianvito Satin High Heel Pumps, $ 775

Open Edit Vida Slingback Pointed Toe Pump, Green Vibrant, $59.95

Hot Pink Barbie Core Pumps

Saint Laurent Marylin Pointed Toe Pump in Hype Rose, $745

Jessica Simpson Setria Pointed Toe Pump Valley Pink, $79

Shop High and Low Killer Heels

Are you going to try the sleek high heel pointed pump trend for spring? What is your favorite heel height?

Carol Calacci

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