How To Handle Self Care Beauty While Sheltering In Place

We’re all stuck inside for a while and not really seeing other people except for family members (and maybe coworkers and friends over Zoom/Slack/Skype/etc.) it might be tempting to just give up and wear no makeup and not style your hair for the time being. That’s not good for mental health and might contribute to stir-craziness even more! However, there are easy ways to do self care beauty at home.

So here’s what we are doing beauty-wise including skincare, makeup, hair care, nail care and body care during the great shelter-at-home time of spring 2020.

Self Care At Home Beauty Tips

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Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Enzymatic Dermal Resurfacer, $60


Of course skincare is always important, but since we’re all stuck at home it could be a good time to refine your regimen and really condition your skin. Sephora, Ulta, and of course Amazon are still shipping, so you can get face masks (the beauty kind, not the protective kind) and all kinds of products to use. We’re fans of this Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme mask for its ability to brighten up dull skin, but any mask that you want to use works. 


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Ginger Chi Anti-Aging Jade Roller, $26.99

And why not try out a jade roller as well? It’s soothing and can help the effectiveness of your other skin care products, plus they feel luxurious. And they are readily available on Amazon

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Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice Eyeshadow Palette, was, $59, now $29

Makeup Self Care Beauty

Now might be the time to break out the crazy makeup looks or even do the beauty tutorials that you haven’t had the chance to try before. Why not chill out at home with the perfect smokey eye, bright lip, or take the time to figure out contouring? Or do whatever makeup trick you want to try including glitter, bold highlights and more.

We find all of Fenty Beauty’s tutorials totally charming and fun, but YouTube is a treasure trove of makeup info and how-to guides. The Fenty Beauty Morrocan Spice palette is super interesting to play around with. That said, you can always dig out the makeup you have and figure out new looks to do with it – just googling the name of a lot of products with “tutorial” added you can be find plenty of options. 

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Hair Care

Deep conditioning is always a good thing to do (and you can always use whatever you have around). Since we aren’t seeing that many people or getting our hair done, you can take the time to really get your hair into a healthy condition. What’s more, many salons are offering hair care packages with hair color, shampoo and conditioner so you can get something close to a salon color at home. It could also be a fun time to experiment with something like Overtone and change it up a bit! After all, if no one is seeing you, why not have rose gold hair? 

Also, much like make-up tutorials, there are thousands of hair tutorials on YouTube – never learned to French braid? Now could be the time! However, we never suggest cutting your own hair unless you really know what you are doing – but styling is fun.


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OPI Hello Kitty Collection Glitter to My Heart, $13 and OPI Blues Collection Making Waves, $13

Self Care Beauty: Nails

Since the salons aren’t open, if you are used to your regular mani/pedi you may be at a loss. Hopefully you have some nail care supplies at home. We highly suggest soaking your hands and feet – the same way they do at the salon – and taking some time to relax. Some self care beauty time is always a good idea! We also like the idea of doing slightly sparklier or bolder manicure than you usually do because, why not?  

We’re fans of OPI Glitter To My Heart if you want a sparklier than normal (but still subtle) look. Or get wild with a color from the OPI blues collection.

skincare L'Occitane lotion fountainof30
L’Occitane Shea Butter Hands & Body Extra-Gentle Lotion, $29

You can always just do your toes as well if you don’t deal with a fancy manicure while we’re all washing our hands constantly. And also add in a fancy hand lotion if you can, like this one shea butter one from L’Occitane


Herbivore Botanicals Body Oil & Bath Salts fountainof30
Herbivore Jasmine Glowing Hydration Body Oil, $44 and Calm Bath Salts, $18

Body Oil & Bath Salts

You can attempt to recreate the spa atmosphere in your own bathroom with candles, essential oils, music and more. We also love a good body oil like this Jasmine Glowing Hydration Body Oil from Herbivore for really getting that spa experience after a bath. Plus it has an amazing fragrance, like a tropical garden. Or it might definitely be time for some calming salts like these ylang-ylang vanilla bath salts, also from Herbivore

What are you doing for self care right now, beauty or otherwise? Are you dying your hair at home, learning new make-up tricks, or anything else? We want to know and hear your tips. Please share them in the comments or go to our Facebook group to discuss self-care tips and more. 

– Jacqueline Zenn

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3 thoughts on “How To Handle Self Care Beauty While Sheltering In Place”

  1. Been desperately wanting a mani-pedi and feeling so selfish about it when there is so much going on in the world. Thanks for all these great tips!

    • Well self-care in these times is not selfish. It’s necessary. If we don’t take some time for ourselves we are useless to others. The stress will wear you down and make you sick. Take care of you too.

  2. Confession: I’m one of those people that work from home and now even trains at home so I’m almost always wearing gym clothes these days. Thanks for the reminder about the importance of self-care.


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