What To Wear When You Are Working From Home

If you’ve never worked from home, now you’ve most likely been asked to do so now if you are able (at least in the U.S. and many other locations.) You might be wondering how to best accomplish your job and create structure while you’re home-bound. While there are plenty of other productivity guides and tips for remote workers (just search for those keywords on LinkedIn and you’ll be bombarded), you might also be wondering what to wear when you are working from home.

Let’s start with never wear your pajamas to work if you can help it. Set up your computer somewhere away from your bed or couch, even if it is just your kitchen table. Keep in mind that you may be expected to appear on video conference calls (even unexpectedly). So while no one is probably expecting a full-on pant suit, you should be ready for meetings and look like you are prepared for a casual day at the office.

What To Wear When You Are Working From Home

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Zella Carey Crew High/Low Sweatshirt, $49 | Lululemon Dance Studio Jogger, $98

Upgraded Sweats To Mix And Match

We’re not talking about the sweats or super casual pieces you wear to do work around the house or the ones that are super oversize and comfy. Instead, joggers (lightweight sweats), newer and better fitted leggings, tees and tops that look professional instead of sloppy, or even a t-shirt or sweater dress can all go a long way towards making yourself feel like you’re at work.


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Even if you go for loungewear or athleisure when working from home, it doesn’t have to be sloppy. This Zella sweatshirt and these Lululemon joggers can both be worn together or paired with more business casual pieces. Think a relaxed button down blouse with the pants or skinny tailored pants with the sweatshirt and loafers or pointy-toed flats for either option.

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Uniqlo Women Rayon Printed Long Sleeve Blouse, $29.90 | Uniqlo Women Premium Linen Skipper Collar 3/4 Sleeve Shirt, $29.90

Button It Up With A Collar

Wearing a button-down or otherwise “real” shirt with a collar instead of a t-shirt or hoodie can make you look more professional, when your bottoms are casual.

You may not have video meetings or teleconferences. However, upgrading your top can change your mindset from that of lounging around the house to getting things done at work. Think business casual for women on top, comfy on the bottom. We’re big fans of Uniqlo’s rayon blouses and linen blouses, especially this subtly polka dot rayon option and this skipper collar linen style for summer.

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Vanity Fair Breathable Luxe Wire-Free Bra, now $30.80

Wear An Actual Bra

This goes more for those of us who need a little more support or are on the bustier side, but an even a wireless bra is better than nothing when you work from home. It will make you feel more like you’re actually at the office and will delineate the time that you are at work versus relaxing at home. After all, there’s nothing like taking your bra off at the end of the day! This Vanity Fair wire-free bra is ideal for working at home, but it’s also supportive enough if you need to run out to the corner store or walk the dog, or appear on a video call.

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NARS The Multiple, $39

Wear Lipstick, Mascara, And Do Your Brows

Put on whatever your equivalent of a basic face is, even if you don’t think you’ll be seeing anyone at all. Make that part of your morning routine, along with styling your hair and otherwise making yourself presentable. A multiple stick, a good brow product, and some light lip stain or gloss make for the perfect work at home makeup routine. Nars “The Multiple” are classics for a reason, and while we love all the shades, Shimmering Apricot might be the most versatile.

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Jeteho 4 Pack U Shaped Hair Pin Fork Sticks, Silver and Gold, $8.99

Hair Accessories Can Make Your Day

Whether you have long or short hair, clipping your hair up or back or adding some barrettes can make your work from home look extra nice. We’re fans of these inexpensive hair pins from Amazon that come in gold and silver, but really any type of hair accessory can be a worthwhile way to upgrade your work from home outfit.

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Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low LX, $120

Put Some Actual Shoes On!

Even if they are just slippers or house shoes (we all understand the importance of keeping your shoes outside of the house now), wearing actual footwear instead of bare feet or socks goes a long towards feeling you are at work. Or wear that badass pair of heels that you need to break in or otherwise just feel awesome to wear.

That said, if you don’t want to do the high heel thing while working from home (and we don’t blame you), there’s something to be said for a classic pair of Air Force Ones and all that extra cushion. Go for black and white like these low tops or pick any other colorway that you love.

Worried about bringing in germs? Clean off a pair of shoes or a get some new ones and designate them as work-from-home shoes only, so they stay under your desk.

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Gorjana Desi Chandelier Earrings, $75

Rock The Jewelry

Just because you are home it doesn’t mean that your jewelry collection has to be neglected. Put on those earrings, that necklace or whatever else brightens your day. In fact, if you’re working from home you can get even more extravagant with the jewelry. You don’t need to worry about dealing with it on your commute or any other inconveniences. In fact, why not wear a pair of chandelier earrings like these geometric ones from Gorjana? Don’t ever be afraid to be sparkly just because you are over 40. You’ve earned it and it’s enjoyable.

Have Fun Working From Home

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to have fun with it! Wear a bold lipstick or eyeshadow just because you feel like it. Or put on a ridiculous accessory like a glitter headband or even a tiara if you want. Just make sure to take it off before you have a serious conference call or otherwise need to look like an absolute professional. It’s your home office and you should do what you want and what makes you happy!

How are you dealing with the current work from home requirements that have become a new standard for most industries? Are you working from home using Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, Zoom, Slack or similar? What’s your favorite work from home outfit?

–Jacqueline Zenn

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