How To Fix Your “Quarantine Hair” In A Snap

Since it has been weeks or even months since we’ve last seen our stylists, we’re probably all trying to deal with our hair the best we can. Granted, we don’t necessarily recommend cutting or coloring your hair on your own (or enlisting a family member to do it) unless you’re pretty confident and have been doing it for awhile. There are, however, plenty of other quick ways to “fix” your quarantine hair that don’t require scissors or dye.

Here are some of the easiest ways to make your sheltering-in-place hair actually look chic for all those Zoom and FaceTime chats. Here’s how to fix your quarantine hair.

How to Fix Quarantine Hair

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Use Scarves

A scarf can cover a multitude of hair sins, and there are hundreds if not thousands of hair scarf tutorials on YouTube. You can probably fold almost any lightweight scarf that you already own into a hair scarf, although we think smaller squares like these fun leopard print ones from Gerinly on Amazon or longer thin oblong scarves like these retro Pucci-esque prints from Obosoyo (also on Amazon) work the best.

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And if you don’t want to tie it yourself, there are some pre-tied options with elastic built in on Amazon like this four pack of criss-cross headbands that come in a variety of springy floral prints.

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Headbands Can Help Tame Your Tresses

A headband can tame unruly layers or grown-out bangs and upgrade your look in general. Our favorite Madison Braid headbands can instantly give you the look of a fancy braided hairstyle with almost none of the work (just match your hair color), or you can go for something bolder like this twisted style from Urban Renewal. We love the black and white in particular.

Rat Tail Comb
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Change Your Part

Sometimes simply changing up your part can make a huge difference in the style. If you normally side part on the right, switch to the left, or change to a center part, etc. Need help getting the part lined up? If your hair naturally parts in a center spot, then using a rat tail comb can help you realign things, and they are super cheap at Ulta.

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Twist It Up

Using a clip, hair pins, or hair sticks to pin your hair up and back can help to hide split ends and even grown-out color. We tend to think double or even triple prong hair forks like this vintage style one from Amazon tend to be the easiest to use. These bronze single prong hair sticks with interesting details are great too. You can double or triple them up if you have a lot of hair to tame.

This ties into another piece of advice that we’ve received from our stylist friends. Don’t pull your hair back too tightly. Loose braids or twists are good, but tight ponytails or buns can put additional stress on your roots and cause unnecessary breakage. This is good advice for any time, but especially now that we can’t go to the salon. Plus looser, more relaxed styles can hide your roots better!

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Cover It All Up With A Hat

If all else fails, a cute hat can save the day. Casual baseball caps work for many situations – especially right now – but a bucket hat like this one from Uniqlo can be equally useful and the straw color might make you feel like you’re on vacation. Still want a baseball cap? This Adidas “relaxed metal” cap is a little more grown-up than your standard team logo hat.

How are you dealing with haircuts, hair color, and any other styling that you need to do now that we can’t really get our hair done? Let us know in the comments or in our Facebook Group!

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–Jacqueline Zenn

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