Are You A True Athlete? Equinox Trains You Like A Pro

I enjoy group fitness classes and Equinox is one of the best clubs in Chicago to take them. Equinox is always on the cutting edge and offers the most novel ways to train. True Athlete is one of their newest classes and I was intrigued. The class is open to all fitness levels, and I wanted to see if it was appropriate for all age levels too!

Equinox True Athlete uses two new innovative pieces of equipment, the RMT Club and the BOSU Elite. The RMT Club swings safely with extreme speeds (compared to other similar training tools) and facilitates strong powerful rotation integrated from your core, hands and feet. The BOSU Elite incorporates a new high pressure 3D dome that allows for Compression Strength Training. This class blends rapid-fire drills on the high pressure Bosu domes with bursts of powerful jumps and club swings.

Equinox True Athlete Julie Bellis Equinox Gold Coast


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I gave the class a try at Equinox Gold Coast with one of my favorite fitness instructors, Julie Bellis, Equinox Chicago Gold Coast Group Fitness Manager (pictured above). Julie showed us how to use the RMT Club, and recommended the 4 lb club for beginners. I wished for a 2lb, but this weight was actually perfect. She showed us how to adjust where you hold it (choke up on it) to make it more or less challenging. It has sand inside that makes a sound like a maraca when you shake it. It took a little time to play around with the club but we all came up swinging! (I felt a little like Kyle Schwarber swinging the club around.)

Next we did jump squats onto the bouncy BOSUs, and some lunging, quick shuffles, and more jump squats across the floor. The cardio was totally kicking in (and kicking my butt). Then back to the RMT Club for more swinging and balancing moves. This balancing move was quite a challenge for me but Julie demonstrated it with ease.

Equinox True Athlete Julie Bellis instructor balance movement

As it turned out, this class was indeed perfect for all ages. Between Julie explaining all the movements in detail and providing alternate and modified moves, I was able to safely go at my own speed. My tips for avoiding injury when you are over 40 are to tell your instructor about any injuries you may have previous to class, modify the moves, and execute them in half time, or at your own speed. The instructor will understand and no one else is looking because they are focused on getting through the class themselves! Just go for your own personal best.

Equinox True Athlete

The good news is Equinox True Athlete group fitness class makes everyone a champion. Try it at the Gold Coast, Highland Park, and Lincoln Park Equinox locations or at an Equinox near you.

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Photos: Top and Bottom, Equinox; Julie Bellis, Fountain Of 30

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