Jump On The Latest Fitness Classes At Equinox!

Jump On The Latest Fitness Classes At Equinox jump ropes

One of my favorite things about Equinox is their group fitness classes. I need a particular time and a place (an appointment of sorts) to work out or I may never make it there! And I know I will be guided (and cheered on) by a top-notch Equinox fitness instructor along with a little high energy background music to get me through my workout.

All of the group training classes at Equinox are excellent. But the best part is they always continue to come up with new classes and variations to keep my fitness training interesting. Recently they added a bunch of new and revamped classes on the schedule that are not only fun but effective ways to meet your unique fitness goals. The Cut: Jump Rope, Best Arms Ever and Elevate are three recent additions.


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Jump On The Latest Fitness Classes At Equinox! Matheu Martell

I tried The Cut: Jump Rope (a 30 minute class) followed by Best Arms Ever (a 15 minute class) and the combo worked well together but never stopped challenging me. Matheu Martell instructed us at Equinox Gold Coast and explained everything in detail as gave us a few options. I chose most of the easier options and it was still very challenging. The beauty is that you can always go at your own pace.

The Cut: Jump Rope is  a 30-minute HIIT class that works on your strength, conditioning and cardio. We used both the AGILITY rope to train both speed and skill and the weighted FURY rope. This class works the entire body in a short amount of time.  No experience is needed for this class but it does help if you have used a jump rope in training. This fat-burning heart-pounding class will help improve your jump roping skills and is perfect if you like a challenge!

Matheu Martell

Next Matheu asked us to get dumbbells and bands for Best Arms Ever. This quick 15-minute class combines dumbbells with loop bands and resistance tubing for a unique arm workout. I kept thinking if I could use just the dumbbells or just the bands it would be enough resistance but the combination of both at the same time really adds to the conditioning.

The next class I definitely want to try at Equinox is Elevate, a treadmill incline walking program perfect for all fitness levels and those not fond of running. That would be me!

Check out Equinox Chicago for more information and for a fitness class that’s just right for you at the Gold Coast, Lincoln Park and Loop locations in Chicago.

– Carol Calacci

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Disclaimer: Classes provided free for review but opinions are my own.

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