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Equinox's Ropes and Rowers Class is Your Fall Fitness Must-Have

Just because bikini season is over, don’t think you should start slacking on your fall fitness routine. The holidays are just around the corner after all, and the tempting treats will be aplenty! Luckily, Equinox’s addition to their amazing lineup of classes may be one of the best ones yet. Ropes and Rowers, which launched earlier this summer, is an…

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New Fitness Class At Equinox: Best Butt Ever

There’s a new fitness class at Equinox that I’ve tried several times and now I’m hooked! I unwittingly took the class my first time. I showed up for cardio sculpt with one of my favorite instructors Julie Valenti. In her cheerful voice she asked the class, “Are you staying for Best Butt Ever?” We all kind of looked at each…

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Now Is The Perfect Time To Work Out With An Equinox Trainer

Did you ever think about working out with a personal trainer? When you can count down the weeks until summertime, it’s the perfect time to give it some serious thought. I have always felt I didn’t need a trainer because I really love the group exercise programs at Equinox, but I have been slightly curious about personal training. Some people…

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