Equinox's Ropes and Rowers Class is Your Fall Fitness Must-Have

Equinox, Ropes and Rowers
Just because bikini season is over, don’t think you should start slacking on your fall fitness routine. The holidays are just around the corner after all, and the tempting treats will be aplenty! Luckily, Equinox’s addition to their amazing lineup of classes may be one of the best ones yet. Ropes and Rowers, which launched earlier this summer, is an insane calorie-torching full body circuit that combines individual and team challenges to push you to your peak performance levels. And as we recently found out, they are not messing around.
Focusing on the two most effective pieces of equipment currently on the market, Ropes and Rowers features WaterRowers and battling ropes as part of a four-station circuit where high performance activity is mapped out in 3 to 4 minute intervals. The class is best suited for a 50 minute class length, but we were treated to a (slightly) less version at 45 minutes in the Chicago Goldcoast location at 900 N Michigan.

Equinox Instructor, Ropes and Rowers, WaterRowers
Our expert Equinox instructor Jim Jalove showed us the “ropes” of the WaterRowers in Ropes and Rowers.

The classes are broken down into an explanation of each station, which our high-energy instructors walked us through. They consist of Minute by Minute (intervals with big medicine balls), Rope Relays (with a partner), AMRAP (arms, core, legs exercises) and Enduro Row (individual on WaterRowers). Two rounds of each station, with a short break in between find you sweating, panting, and burning muscle groups you don’t even know you have. Encouraging remarks from the instructors keep you propelling forward even when you want to quit. And shockingly, before you know it, it’s done and you have an incredible, body-changing workout under your belt.
Equinox Ropes
As the temperatures start to drop outside, keep the heat up in your cardiovascular routine with Equinox’s Ropes and Rowers class. For more information and their full lineup of classes, visit Equinox here and read QBlog.
– Alia Rajput
Photos: Equinox, Second City Style

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