Regenerate with Equinox’s HeadStrong™ Meditation Podcasts

Equinox HeadStrong Meditation Podcasts

Equinox would like you to slow down! Yes that does seem a bit contrary to their often times challenging approach to fitness, but taking time to regenerate is essential for a high-performance life. Regeneration reboots your body and mind to a higher level. That means you get to do less to do more results! Equinox creates regeneration experiences that allow you to supercharge your self-healing, and power down so you can power up again. And now Equinox HeadStrong Meditation Podcasts are available to help you schedule in your regeneration time.

Equinox HeadStrong Meditation Podcasts

These podcasts are free for anyone to download on the Equinox App! Visit for more information about the Equinox App, or you can follow the steps to regenerate from your computer. It’s so relaxing and all you have to do is listen. The Headstrong Meditation Podcasts are narrated by Equinox instructor, Amber Voiles. They allow you to stop time, own the now, and regenerate body and mind to a higher level – at any point in your day.


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Equinox HeadStrong Meditation Podcasts rise recharge unwind sleep

These podcasts may be just what you need on the commute to and from work – and to settle down before you sleep!

Equinox HeadStrong Meditation Podcasts

Equinox offers a wide variety of regenerative fitness classes including yoga, stretching, reset and meditation.

Visit Equinox Gold Coast, Lincoln Park and Loop locations in Chicago or find a club near you!

– Carol Calacci

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