Trend To Try: Liquid Silver

One of the trends to I am loving for fall is liquid silver. Yes, silver has been a huge trend for quite a few years now but this season it’s electric! I’m not talking about sequins but straight up mirrored silver. I know you are thinking, can I really wear this? And the answer is YES! Try the liquid silver fashion trend.

How to wear Liquid silver

The key is to wear only one piece at a time and the keep the rest of your outfit one tone and understated. Of course liquid silver pairs perfectly with black, but if you are not a wallflower try matching it with the hot color of the season, red. Yes, I’m serious. If you are thinking there is no way you can don silver pants then try a pair of shoes or a handbag…just not together. Adding a sliver accessory (other than your jewelry) is an easy way to dabble in this trend. Who would want to rock a pair of mirrored silver shoes? I know I do!


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