How To Pull Off The Trickiest Trends Worn By Celebrities

Have you ever seen a celebrity wear something that made you think, “Wow! She looks so good but… I could never wear that!”? It happens about every other week, right? True, fashionistas have stylists and designers waiting on them hand and foot, plus an unlimited budget. Yet don’t be deterred. It is possible to dress as risky or RISQUE as a typical celeb even when you don’t have the same financial capabilities – or even the same courage. We’ll call them the year’s trickiest trends worn by celebrities.

I’m not talking about crazy, out-of this-world looks from fashion week which can’t be duplicated on the street like Thom Browne’s masks and Marc Jacobs’ feather hats. I mean the ones that even the average Plain Jane can pull off, if she wants a little panache. And remember, there are always ways to make the look less over-the-top and more subtle.

The Trickiest Trends Worn By Celebrities

Here are some of the trickiest trends worn by Jennifer Lopez, Andie McDowell, Kourtney Kardashian and Cate Blanchett. You can pull them off too! Here’s how to wear these celebrity trends.


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Trickiest Trends leather-on-leather Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez – Leather-On-Leather 

The leather-on-leather trend is apparently big for fall and Ms. JLo herself seems to be capitalizing on it with her burgundy leather Zimmerman dress and matching beret (also made of leather, of course.) 

Do you think only Jennifer Lopez can wear this look? Think again. In August, Julie Louis-Dreyfus rocked a calf-length leather dress from Narciso Rodriguez. In July, Elizabeth Olsen wore an Alexander McQueen bell-sleeve peplum leather midi dress, which looked like a peplum leather top on an A-line leather skirt. And of course, no one can forget Rihanna’s full Fenty leather look at the 2019 BET Awards in June?

Not sure you can pull off the head-to-toe leather look? Instead of a full-on leather dress, try a leather top with a leather skirt. Better yet, forget the leather-on-leather and just go with one piece like a statement skirt, a boxy jacket, a tight top. Or simply wear a leather trench. It might not be JLo’s leather-on-leather, but the separate garments will still get you noticed. 

Tricky Trend Andie McDowell Matchy-Matchy Suit navy plaid

Andie McDowell – Matchy-Matchy Suit 

Do you want to make a statement? Find a blazer in a bold print and then match them to the pants. Bold, windowpane checks or plaid printed menswear-inspired suits might seem like the way to go, or it could be a bit much. This is another tricky trend. Andie McDowell appears to do the matchy-matchy suit trend well, but perhaps it’s because she’s dulled down her purse and her shoes. Even her sunglasses don’t take away from the entire look. So the takeaway is to keep your accessories minimal.

“Standout suiting is a trend everyone can wear, but are often afraid to try,” Fountain Of 30 writer Rachel Bogo wrote last year when she highlighted the gray-and-blue checked pantsuit designed by Brunello Cucinelli and worn by Mila Kunis for a screening party of her new film in NYC.  It’s true. The suit with an all-over print definitely grabs attention.

Not sure you can pull off a matchy-matchy suit? Try a bold printed jumpsuit. If you don’t want to go that far, then the black on black business suit is the way to go. Or any bold statement color — just not a print. Think Emily Blunt’s red power suit. That’s always a cool, formal work look that will never go out of style. 

Another tip for suiting? Try a suit in an unexpected cut, a la Mila Kunis. I never thought a cropped pant would be the way to go, but hey, it works. 

Kourtney Kardashian Linen Trousers white tank

Kourtney Kardashian – Linen Trousers 

Fashion magazines report that the main benefit of wearing linen is that it’s light and provides coolness in hot weather. Linen is a highly absorbent material and is also said to remove sweat from the skin. 

I’m personally not a big fan of linen and I think it is a tricky trend. It’s a fabric that wrinkles easily. For me, linen is akin to bedsheets or drapes, not to fashion. I may be very wrong, though, or at least celebs like Kourtney Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, and Diane Kruger seem to think so. The latter (Aniston and Kruger) have been spotted in cropped linen chinos. It’s not my favorite look, but if you want to go preppy, this is the way to do it. 

For her part, Kourtney Kardashian chose a high-waist linen pant with a white tank. Linen pants are said to be the most versatile bottoms for the summer because they can be super casual or carry themselves into the night. It really depends on what you wear them with. You can try a fitted tee or a button-down blouse. Bold accessories can oomph up a bland look, but so can a printed, but polished top. 

Not sure about the linen look? Pair your outfit with a linen jacket. Or wear linen pants with a denim jacket. (See what I did there?) At least you can take it off. Or try high-waisted beige pants in a fabric that won’t wrinkle to get this Kourtney Kardashian look.

Cate Blanchett All Over Print Jumpsuit

Cate Blanchett – All Over Print Jumpsuit

The statement jumpsuit is a celebrity favorite. From model Emily Ratajkowski (who likes to wear her plaid one strapless), to Blake Lively (who has gone as far as to don a tropical print) print jumpsuits may seem just a tad bit crazy, but they’re also kind of effortless. Like throwing on a gorgeous dress, right? Maybe.

Cate Blanchett, who is a major fashionista in her own right, is the queen of the print jumpsuit. She’s worn a shimmering black one with stunning beadwork by Armani Prive, and she’s gone as far as to sport a jumpsuit that looks like a tracksuit. Here’s the thing about Cate Blanchett’s jumpsuits, though – the print is usually subtle and doesn’t overwhelm (even though the wide legs might).

Perhaps if you’re going to do an all-over print (like on a long dress, business suit or romper) take a cue from mega-watt fashionista Cate Blanchett and make it understated. In the case of this sky blue cloud-print ensemble – yes, it is a tricky trend and the look is a tad strange. But hey, it doesn’t go crazy, and that’s what I like about it and how you can pull it off.

–Simona Shemer

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