Consider Crocs For Spring!

I know I have been really mean about Crocs in the past but as I have admitted before, sometimes it takes me a while (in this case a decade or so) to warm up to a trend and embrace it. I have come around. So I am taking a new stance on Crocs! Let’s face …

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My Exaggerated Sleeves Obsession

As you know some of my posts are inspired from what I am searching for and for spring/summer I am on the hunt for tops with exaggerated sleeves! I want them to be my signature style for spring. I’ve heard names like bell sleeves, trumpet sleeves and just jacked up long sleeves…but I want them ALL!

nyfw fall 17 trends top 10

Top 10 NYFW Fall ’17 Trends Women Over 40 Can Wear

New York Fashion Week is always an explosion of trends and this season was no exception. Yet, as we age less and less seems wearable. Lauren and Carol of Fountain Of 30 have taken a long hard look at the week that was and have narrowed down the Top 10 NYFW Fall ’17 trends women over 40 can wear next fall.

Hot Spring Shoe Trend: Lace Up Ballet Flats

I’m supposed to be at the first day of New York Fashion Week. but instead I am snowed in my house with the kids. So obviously I am looking forward to spring which can’t get here soon enough (actually I thought it was here yesterday since it hit 65 degrees). As Carol and I were discussing me missing the shows we got to talking about spring fashion and the conversation (as it usually does) turned to shoes. Both of us are excited about the lace up ballet flats trend that is going to be huge for spring!