My Exaggerated Sleeves Obsession

As you know some of my posts are inspired from what I am searching for and for spring/summer I am on the hunt for tops with exaggerated sleeves! I want them to be my signature style for spring. I’ve heard names like bell sleeves, trumpet sleeves and just jacked up long sleeves…but I want them ALL!

Yes they make cooking and cleaning a little more difficult (so don’t wear them around the house) and reaching across a dinner table can be problematic (especially if there are candles) but reaching is rude anyway. This top will keep your manners in check. So there’s that.

So I have done a little online shopping for you (OK, me) and found a slew of tops that meet my requirements. Notice there are a few off-the-shoulder versions but none with cold shoulders since that is a trend I abhor. I beg you please don’t wear this trend. It is so played out and obvious. Yes, I know you can wear a strapped bra with them but is it really that hard to find a good strapless bra? I have a few that support me quite well thank you. I digress.


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So without further ado here are some tops with exaggerated sleeves you (and I) can buy right now to get a jump on spring!

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