Hot Spring Shoe Trend: Lace Up Ballet Flats

For eopmenI’m supposed to be at the first day of New York Fashion Week. but instead I am snowed in my house with the kids. So obviously I am looking forward to spring which can’t get here soon enough (actually I thought it was here yesterday since it hit 65 degrees). As Carol and I were discussing me missing the shows we got to talking about spring fashion and the conversation (as it usually does) turned to shoes. Both of us are excited about the lace up ballet flats trend that is going to be huge for spring!

These shoes are not the same as the Altuzarra lace-up flats (and copies) everyone was wearing last spring and summer. This iteration looks more like actual ballet slippers that have ribbons, not strings, that tie up the calf. Which also means they will inevitably slip down the calf (which is so annoying). There are some options that zip (so they stay up) and you can can find lace up ballet flats that are expensive (like Miu Miu) to pairs that are down right criminally inexpensive (like ASOS).


When you are over 35 consider wearing your lace up ballet flats with a beautiful full mid skirt (yes, you can resemble a ballerina) or with a pair of cropped jeans or pants. I would stay away from wearing them with shorts unless your legs are banging. These shoes WILL draw attention to your stems so make sure you wear them right!

Here are some pairs you can stock up on now. It can’t snow forever right?


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