Espadrilles + Sneakers = Espasneaks

Two constant summer shoe staple trends year after year have been espadrilles and sneakers. Seriously, can you remember a summer in recent years where this has not been the case? Well guess what? Just like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups the two have joined together for this summer season. The “espasneak” (as I like to call it) is popping up everywhere.

Trend News: Wood Heel Shoes

This is one trend it took me exactly three seconds to warm up to! I normally eschew 70’s trends but I find myself longing for suede clogs or wood heel shoes. When I was a little girl my mother would take my brother and I over to Canada every Spring to get our Bastad clogs for the summer.

Hot Spring Shoe Trend: Lace Up Ballet Flats

I’m supposed to be at the first day of New York Fashion Week. but instead I am snowed in my house with the kids. So obviously I am looking forward to spring which can’t get here soon enough (actually I thought it was here yesterday since it hit 65 degrees). As Carol and I were discussing me missing the shows we got to talking about spring fashion and the conversation (as it usually does) turned to shoes. Both of us are excited about the lace up ballet flats trend that is going to be huge for spring!

Hot Shoe Trend For Fall: The David Bowie Bootie

Oh how I miss David Bowie! I am still crushed he is gone from this earth. But in a beautiful tribute to the late great musical genius, his 70’s style over-the-top boots are actually on trend for Fall ’16. Now I know most of our readers think we might be insane for suggesting this trend, but hear us out.