Trend News: Wood Heel Shoes

This is one trend it took me exactly three seconds to warm up to! I normally eschew 70’s trends but I find myself longing for suede clogs or wood heel shoes. When I was a little girl my mother would take my brother and I over to Canada every Spring to get our Bastad clogs for the summer. She marveled how my younger brother (yes he wore clogs and they were totally adorable on a bleach blonde 4 year old boy) could run races in them!  It was a talent for sure.

Over the following decades clogs were not very cool (I never would have been caught dead in a pair in the 90’s!). They were more for the Birkenstock and nursing crowd. Then Crocs had to get in on the game and make them out of plastic! I still stand by my hatred of Crocs by the way. They are an assault to the eyes and to fashion. I digress.

CLOGS And Wood Heel Shoes I COvet

Once I saw the Gucci pair (pictured) I knew I had to have them (I am saving my pennies now) although spending almost $800 on a pair of clogs hurts me to my core. I really covet them. They will go so well with my vintage brown suede 70’s Gucci belt that belonged to my father. But feel free to buy sandals or any other wood heeled shoe that floats your boat this spring, You won’t go wrong. Me? I’ll be holding out for the Gucci ones. Well maybe I will get a pair of Bastad to hold me over.


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Here are my picks for rocking wooden heels and clogs this spring!

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