Espadrilles + Sneakers = Espasneaks

Two constant summer shoe staple trends year after year have been espadrilles and sneakers. Seriously, can you remember a summer in recent years where this has not been the case? Well guess what? Just like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups the two have joined together for this summer season. The “espasneak” (as I like to call it) is popping up everywhere. That’s right, an espadrille combined with a tie or slip-on sneaker is all the rage and you can not only wear it (and should), but find many pairs for a song.

Every single shoe designer seems to have a version of the espasneak for 2017 ranging from Prada to Zara and Alexander Wang to Vans. You can go rugged or feminine – lace-up or slip-on or any combination thereof. Wear this hybrid shoe with everything from cuffed jeans to dresses.Your feet will thank you too. Now be careful not to wear them in the rain! Especially if you’d like to get more than one summer out of them. Espadrilles can get trashed easily so be careful to wear them on sunny days.

If you are ready to embrace this trend (like I am) here are some options of epsasneaks you can peruse now.


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