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I try to start off every new year fresh and vow to take good care of myself by exercising more, eating right, and  getting more sleep (the usual stuff). And when it comes to fashion and beauty, I want to look my best and never “get caught” in an bad outfit or without a bit of lipstick. In January I tackled the exercise and healthier food part, so February was a good time to visit my Sassoon Salon Chicago and get my hair in shape for the long, dreary winter months.


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I took a hair retreat mid-day last week to freshen my hair color, cut and style. You deserve it too! Take a few hours for yourself and look (and feel) better for weeks ahead. I get my highlights (and low lights) from Chicago Salon & Color Director Nicole Tabloff and my cuts from Senior Stylist Jeremy Jernigan. First Jeremy took a look at my hair to see how my cut (from him of course) was working out for me and asked me if I wanted anything new. I have been happy with my cut but I still asked him to make any suggestions. He said he knew exactly that he was going to do! I have complete trust in him and bedsides he told me it was going to basically be the same style.

Next I met with Nicole, the color wizard! When I sit in her chair she can totally “have at it!” That’s the relaxing part of going to Sassoon. I never have to worry I will wind up with color or a cut that isn’t right for me. Nicole and Jeremy know me and my lifestyle well. I need to be able to pull my hair up into a pony tail to work out and I don’t like to spend too much time styling my hair.

I asked Nicole if she has any suggestions for winter hair color in general. “You can go warmer with color in the winter but you can also break the rules! A brighter color can work just as well in winter as summer. For you, we can go lighter in your highlights. For example a redhead may like to go brighter in winter. I think there are no rules and you can shake things up.” I love the brighter color she gave me. She always keeps some of may natural hair color so the root regrowth is not so noticeable.

Next Jeremy carefully cut and trimmed my hair. “Everyone needs a good outline cut and getting a cut and style in winter is just part of basic maintenance.” Jeremy cut the front of my hair slightly differently and as a result result it has been easier for me to style myself. I need to add texture to my hair because it is very fine, and Jeremy always suggests and uses products he likes that are tried and true. This time he used Kérastase L’Incroyable Blow-Dry. It actually reactivates if you need to re-style after the gym … or a snowstorm!

Sassoon Salon Chicago

Winter is the best time to take care of you hair. So do what I did and take a winter retreat, to your local Sassoon Salon!

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– Carol Calacci


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