During Valentine’s Day My Heart Belongs To Sassoon

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about the ones you love, but besides my husband there are a couple other men I love who are really important in my life…the men responsible for my hair. Ask any woman over the age of 35 you know and she will tell you her colorist and the person who cuts her hair are as vital as breathing. In my case they are both men and they both work at Sassoon Salon in NYC.

Carol and I have been dedicated Sassoon clients since we started our first site Second City Style back in 2005! Yes, I have been gong to Sassoon longer than I have even known my husband! In fact, I remember having my hair cut and colored in Chicago just before I was picking my then boyfriend (now husband) up from the airport. He lived in NYC and we were doing the long-distance relationship thing. Anyway this one particular visit I had Sassoon straighten my normally curly/wavy hair poker straight and my boyfriend/husband walked right past me!

Fast forward a couple of years and I transferred seamlessly from the Chicago Sassoon Salon to the New York City Sassoon Salon once I was married and relocated. Head colorist Hamid Latif (with me in the photo above) has been coloring my hair since 2007! I see him regularly and he is most assuredly one of the more important men in my life. I don’t even have to tell him what to do (well last time I did tell him to make me blonder because the visit before that I told him to make me darker which was my mistake). I trust him to make my hair look the best it can.


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When it comes to cutting my hair I’m not as picky because while I drool over all the women getting these fabulous precision bobs Sassoon is famous for (its’ like watching art being created) I do not have precision hair. So I keep it longer with some layers, although I did recently add bangs. Creative Director Michael Forrey used to cut my hair but he recently moved out west (still at Sassoon though) and I transferred over to Stylist Erol Karadag who has been doing a wonderful job ever since.

Sassoon Salon

SASSOON SALON | NYC  |  32 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011
To book an appointment call (212) 229-2200

Visit Sassoon here, and follow Sassoon on | Facebook: Sassoon Salon North America | Instagram @SassoonSalonNorthAmerica | Twitter: @SassoonSalons


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