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Keeping Your Beauty Over 40

Top Drugstore Beauty Finds: For Hair Only

I am often asked what hair products I recommend that can be found at the drugstore. I had no idea since I mainly use(d) high-end products so this research was for us all. Well, guess what? There are a lot of great finds to be had!

The 12 Best Organic Lipsticks

Last month I did a post on the best organic lip balms which is all fine and good, but do you give the color you put on your lips much thought? You should. Considering women ingest anywhere between roughly 4-7 pounds of the gunk they put on their lips in their lifetime, it’s thought provoking.

The 10 Best Organic Mascaras

Due to some recent allergies I have become somewhat of an expert on organic beauty and I thought, why not try mascaras even though mascaras are one of the few things I didn’t have to change from my routine. I figure, It can’t hurt to use a more natural mascara, right? But I tried a few organic mascaras a few years ago and they, ahem, kinda sucked. They either clumped like crazy or just slid off my lashes after a few hours of wear. It was a gooey mess.