10 Beauty Tips To Help You Look Younger Immediately!

Except for wine, not much else improves with age. That’s rather depressing when it comes to your face and body. But don’t fret. We get you want your skin and hair (well the whole package) to look as young as possible. We all want to reflect what we feel inside, not that haggard shrew looking back at us in the mirror (we are our own worst critics aren’t we?). Besides running to your plastic surgeon, here are 10 beauty tips to help you look younger immediately.

Most of these tips you can do at home and with products you may already own. We take finding that fountain of youth and/or aging backwards quite literally here at Fountain Of 30. So without further ado, here we go.

10 beauty tips to help you look younger immediately


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1. Wear foundation

Yes, I’m sure at one time you had flawless skin, but guess what? After the age of 40 we all have something to hide. It’s usually in the form of sun spots and/or broken capillaries or maybe your skintone is just uneven. We don’t suggest you go rogue on this one. Go to your local Sephora or favorite department store cosmetics counter and have an expert help you match the best shade and formula for your skin. Once you get that color nailed down you can find a cheaper alternative at the drugstore if you wish.

10 beauty tips to help you look younger immediately countour

2. Start contouring

Don’t you DARE call this “strobing”. You are too old for this term to be a part of your vernacular. We prefer the term “contouring.” You want to highlight the good and minimize the bad. As we age our face starts to sink in some areas and casts shadows on itself which has an aging effect. Contouring helps combat this. Highlighter is helpful too. Dewiness is a sign of youth but overdoing it is not optimal and is obvious. Use highlighter on the bridge of your nose, tops of the cheekbones and a touch above your cupid’s bow to make your lips appear fuller which appears more youthful too. You can also hide a double chin or look like you lost 10 pounds instantly with proper highlighting techniques. Check out this post called How To Contour and Highlight Your Face to learn how to highlight correctly.

10 beauty tips to help you look younger immediately no black liner
3. Chose brown over black eyeliner

Look I can’t live without eyeliner and I am certainly not suggesting you do either. But consider swapping out your black eyeliner for something less severe like brown or plum. Black not only highlights those fine lines around your eyes, it makes your eyes appear smaller which is NOT the effect we are going for as we age. I have discarded all my black eyeliners and have found a green/brown I love and sometimes I use plum to bring out the green in my hazel eyes. But black is gone. Gone I tell you!

10 beauty tips to help you look younger immediately eyebrows

4. Make sure your brow game is on point

Right now the trend is full-bushy brows or highly arched ones. Neither are the best choice for women over 40. A skinny dramatic arch is aging and can start to look cartoonish. In this case you want to use a brow pencil to fill in your arch a little and give yourself a bit of a thicker brow by using a pencil that is lighter than your hair. Do NOT use a dark pencil! Also be careful not to go too bushy either. That looks better on the under 30 crowd. Note: I think it’s essential for every women to have a professional shape her brows. It’s the one thing I will not give up. Ever. As I have aged I find I like my brows a medium thickness with a slight arch. Not sure who to go to? Ask a friend who’s brows are amazing where she goes. I give the name of my brow guru out all the time!

10 beauty tips to help you look younger immediately cream blush

5. Use cream not powder blush

I have made the switch to cream blushes and so should you. They blend easily and don’t give you a cakey look. Remember we want to create a dewy, youthful appearance. Cream blush helps achieve that. Gel blushes are harder to blend so avoid those and go with cream. Also lay off the powder. If your skin is still a bit oily use it on your t-zone. But if you cake yourself with powder you will look old as it will set into every line and wrinkle on your face.

10 beauty tips to help you look younger immediately no sparkle

6. Avoid glitter and sparkle

I think it goes without saying, but maybe you need a reminder (yes, I’m talking to you Ramona Singer on RHONY) to avoid as much sparkle and glitter as you can when it comes to your makeup, especially eyeshadow. That glittery effect actually accentuates fine lines and wrinkles. Opt instead for satin or matte shadows and only use a light shimmer in the inside corners of your eyes to brighten them.

10 beauty tips to help you look younger immediately white teeth

7. Whiten your teeth

Nothing ages you more than yellow teeth. The good news is you don’t need to spend a ton of money anymore to have pearly whites. I actually don’t recommend Zoom treatments anyway because they can cause painful tooth sensitivity. Try Crest White Strips or my favorite line which is Colgate Optic White.

10 beauty tips to help you look younger immediately lily aldridge

8. Go lighter and/or warmer with your hair

Over the past 10 years I have gone from my natural brunette to something closer to a blonde. Why? Well I have two reasons. One, the lighter hair hides my grays better and two, lighter hair makes me look younger. If you want to look more youthful go lighter instead of darker. Period. Darker hair looks harsher against your skin and shows all your wrinkles and fine lines around your face. I’m not saying you should go from dark brown to platinum but two shades lighter than your natural hair color is a good rule of thumb. Or try highlights. Warm highlights around your face or a warmer base color will give you a younger appearance. Choose colors like honey and golden and those wrinkles will vanish.

beauty tips to help you look younger immediately Shimy Hair

9. Make sure your hair is shiny!

Old, over-processed hair looks dry. Young hair looks shiny. Therefore you need to make sure your hair has some shine no matter what. Get a salon gloss and/or use a deep conditioning treatment once a week. Also make sure you have a finishing hair oil in your arsenal. You can find one for under $8 at the drugstore like this OGX Fade Defying Protecting Oil. This is one quick fix that will take years off instantly.

10 beauty tips to help you look younger immediately hair color

10. Keep your roots covered

I know it seems like you JUST left the salon but those roots (or regrowth) are NOT doing you any favors. Any hint of gray popping through is the kiss of death. People’s eyes will go straight to that instead of the great haircolor you once had (a hot minute ago). Thankfully there are some great root cover sprays that easily hide your grays in between salon visits and will even buy you and extra week or two between visits. One of my personal favorites is Back2Blonde.

We also have fashion tips that will make you look younger. Avoid these 10 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older.


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