How To Wear The Unexpected Fashion Details Trend

One thing that we must not forget as we forge our way through the fashion trenches, is trends come and go, but your own personal style is constant. As much as many of us want to be up-to-date with the latest designers and always looking for what’s new, it’s important to keep your own sense of self in your style. One way of doing that is to dive into the details of your clothes. Unexpected fashion details are playing a huge role in many summer and pre-fall 2019 looks and are doing the personal styling for us. 

Something as simple as a strategically placed scarf, an heirloom or vintage piece of jewelry or an intricately knotted shirttail or tie back will have you stand out and showcase what’s uniquely you about your look. I’ve noticed while browsing the web for my new wardrobe additions that designers are playing around with fashion in a great new way. They are getting further and further away from cookie cutter looks. Beautiful, intricate and unexpected details in clothes and shoes are making so many pieces stand out among the crowd.

Unexpected Fashion Details

The runways were on fire with unique details and trends in fashion pieces all across the board. If you ask me, this is the stuff fashion and style are made of! After checking out the Pre-Fall 2019 collections, I realized designers are starting to acknowledge that true fashion followers are getting a little tired of the same tried-and-true silhouettes and styles.


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 Unique Fashion Trend

Designers like Balenciaga, Marni and Sonia Rykiel represented this unexpected fashion trend with some gorgeous pieces with unique details. I loved the Sonia Rykiel pre-fall collection, which featured detailed denim, colorful stripes and even feathers. One of my favorite details: all of the slack inseams were extra long! Sometimes just a few inches makes a big difference.

Unexpected Fashion Details runway trend fountain of 30

How To Wear Unexpected Fashion Details

It can be difficult to know where to start here, since there are so many ways you can take it. Sometimes I love to show a sliver of skin (but always keeping it classy), so I am dying over this Snider Hadley Cutout Tank Top. It’s sexy, sleek and the unique fashion details make this top incredibly special. I’d wear this with just about anything; a form fitting pencil skirt with patent leather pumps, or a pair of white jeans and gladiator sandals. Throw a printed blazer over it and it’s great for the office.

You can take unexpected fashion details just about anywhere, even to the pool. I would ditch the traditional bathing suit and opt for this Revel Rey plunging open back one piece. It reminds me of a sexy business suit, but for the pool! It’s definitely a show stopper. If you love the fact that denim skirts are back on the scene (thanks to the resurgence of 90s fashion) try this 3×1 Elizabella Front Slit Denim Skirt. The frayed hem detail gets away from the old run-of-the-mill options that you may have been seeing.

“Fashion changes, but style endures.”

– Coco Chanel

5 Unique Fashion Style Tips

1. Figure out your stand-out personal style. Are you digging the goth-inspired look? Do you prefer clean cut and classic? We all have a persona that we feel most comfortable in. I love to mix it up but I realize at the end of the day, I prefer a more edgy look. Even when I stray from my go-to look (meaning wearing a ruffle dress for an event or occasion) I find a way to “edgify” it so I still feel comfortable and confident. No matter what your personal style, there are items with details that will work with it and keep you in your style zone.

2. But…don’t get stuck in a style rut! I know we all have our go-to looks. But don’t be afraid to try a new store or designer that is complementary to your look. This way, your wardrobe will stay cohesive but not be one note. Here’s an example, I love Helmut Lang and the edgy, minimalist rocker vibe of the clothing. However, I don’t want everything from my closet to be from there!

I need some variety so I also like the relaxed tops from Monrow, the jackets and cool leather items from Kill City and I adore the fit and variety of styles of jeans from Express. I think all of these brands can be paired well together to help me stay true to my personal style, but I definitely have variety. When I go to get dressed every morning, I don’t feel like I’m wearing the same outfit over and over again!

3. It’s OK if your personal style evolves over time (or doesn’t). We all change our preferences as our lives change. What was once preppy may now be shabby chic. It’s OK to dabble in new things and give them a try. Otherwise, how will you know what you like and don’t like? I realized how much I prefer edgy looks but only after so many years, so much closet space and so many dollars of buying things in pastels or with ruffles and other girly details. Then I eventually realized…why am I buying these things? I don’t like the way they look on me and I don’t feel comfortable in them. But, hey, how are you going to know unless you give it a shot?

4. Don’t go too crazy! As much as we look to the runways and our favorite designers for style inspiration, sometimes they can be overkill. I love one or two stand out details in my looks – a pair of unique, unexpected shoes and a statement necklace or a cool detail on my shirt with a monochromatic look. So, be wary of copying runway looks down to the details. When you take it out into the real world, you can run the risk of looking like an overly-eccentric Madame or a bag lady, which is obviously not good if that isn’t the look you’re going for. So, rock the details, but be mindful of over-doing them as well.

5. Embrace your body, but know you can use unique details as a tool. I will always talk about how important it is to dress the body you have. We all have our favorite features we want to play up, conversely we have bits that we may want to conceal if we are in the process of working on building better bodies. So use unique fashion as a tool to hide what we don’t need everyone to see right now! If you have a little extra in your midsection go for a cool boxy looking top with interesting button or an elaborate collar. If you aren’t too keen on your arms, try a top that has fun and unique sleeve detail. Options like Alice + Olivia, Frame and Marc Jacobs are great designers to start with.

The bottom line is, use fashion as a tool to help you feel fabulous and flaunt your personal style.

Shop Unexpected and Unique Fashion Details

Pictured Above (from left to right):

Snider Hadley Cutout Tank Top, $295

Revel Rey Gene Plunging Open-Back One-Piece Swimsuit, $189

Balenciaga Button-Down Striped Cotton Swing Shirt with Logo & Tie Detail, $1,050

Topshop Flora Anklet Sandal, $80

Frame Smocked-Sleeve Yoked Button-Down Top, $295

3×1 Elizabella Front-Slit Midi Denim Skirt, $245


Marni Pre-Fall 2019

Sonia Rykiel Pre-Fall 2019

– Carmen Turner

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