How To Wear The Raffia Accessories Trend For Spring 2019

It’s time to go natural with raffia (or straw) accessories for the spring and summer. I love to wear this trend in the warm weather, as it gives off easy, breezy tropical vibes regardless of the setting. That means it’s perfect for the most casual of summer days. You can also find pieces that will be a nice finishing touch for your look at a casual wedding or backyard barbecue, a dinner party or an evening out with friends or family. The warm weather is finally here and I can start to incorporate raffia accessories for spring 2019 into my wardrobe. Let’s take a deeper dive into raffia and talk about what works, what designers showed it on the runway and how you can work it into your every day life!

Raffia Accessories for Spring 2019 from The Runway

Raffia accessories were fully represented on the runway by heavy-hitters like Chanel, Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana. Also utilizing this trend in their collections were Isabel Marant and Ulla Johnson among many others. There was a wide range of accessory styles and silhouettes from big floppy hats, to streamlined baseball style caps (both being featured in the Chanel show) as well as tote bags of all sizes, sandals and even belts and belt bags made of raffia.

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How To Wear Raffia (Straw) and Woven Hats, Bags and Sandals

Shop for your raffia accessories keeping in mind that you want your overall look to be cool and effortless. I love a classic style floppy hat. The silhouette and larger brim of this Mirabel straw hat from Eugenia Kim looks super chic all while protecting your face and neck from the sun (talk about an added bonus!) I also adore a raffia fedora – it’s probably one of my favorite summer style hats. The fedora is definitely edgier if you want to harden up your summer look. I love to wear mine with a pair of airy Bermuda shorts and a bright white tank top. Finish it off with a gorgeous sandal!

Speaking of which, a great sandal is also a nice way to step into this trend. These Zuzu Straw Platform Sandals by Chinese Laundry are a wise, affordable option to start out with. If you want to start high end, you can try these Jimmy Choo Dellena Snake-Print Espadrilles.

I personally love to carry a lovely summer bag and a raffia bag works beautifully. Smaller bags are my favorites and this straw circle cross body bag from Banana Republic is budget friendly. The bright pink color is adorable as it strays from the traditional natural tan color. Or you may like to invest in something like this Gucci Ophidia Mini Woven Crossbody Bag you can covet for years to come. Feel free to also look for a large tote option. Depending on the label and the price point you choose, these bags can hold up well and can last for many years. 

5 Tips for Styling The Raffia Accessories Trend

1. Don’t overdo it! Keep the raffia accessories to two maximum to keep the look elevated. For this trend, it’s OK to think that less is more. I like the idea of a low profile raffia hat paired with an oversized raffia tote bag. Or a pair of raffia sandals with a mid-sized clutch or a belt with raffia details. Keeping it to a minimum puts the trend on full display, as the natural color and major texture will stand out against light summer colors and fabrics.

2. This style is so cool and natural, it would look best to keep the rest of your look easy and breezy. I love the idea of wearing a comfortable pair of raffia-soled espadrilles with a white (or brightly colored) linen tunic length button-front dress. Finish it off with a raffia hat or cross body bag. It’s the perfect summer outfit!

3. This is an affordable trend! You don’t have to spend $100+ dollars on this trend if your budget does not allow for it. You can find raffia accessories for incredibly affordable prices (we’re talking about the $20 or below range) so you don’t have to miss out. OK, yes, we could be talking about a difference in quality, but if you just want to dabble in this trend you can certainly try something inexpensive to start. Then, if you want to dive in full force next season, you have the opportunity to invest in a nicer piece that could be more of a staple for years to come. In fact, grab one at the end of the season when it’s on sale!

4. The Raffia accessories trend is a classic. Literally, this has been a warm weather trend for decades. So you can’t go wrong in any direction. Even if you have a throw-back vintage piece, feel free to pull it out. The styles and silhouettes of raffia accessories don’t seem to have changed much over the years. Of course you’ll see some more modern silhouettes for today, but a pair of platform shoes with raffia soles from the 70s or 80s will probably ease seamlessly into the spring 2019 season. One of my family members has a perfectly preserved straw hat from the 1960s and I definitely want to pull it out and wear it this summer.

5. Be mindful and take care of your raffia pieces. Some pieces are sturdier than others but overall, this can be a delicate material. It’s important to take care of your accessories. Keep them stored in cool dry places and keep them in dust bags if you are able. Some of the hats are marketed as foldable or crushable, but I would be weary of that and store them as you would a more structured hat just to be on the safe side. I’d also keep them clear of too much water. They can be water resistant but maybe don’t wear them on a super rainy day or while swimming in the ocean or pool on your vacation. Just to be on the safe side to ensure the life of your accessory!

Raffia and Straw From The Runway SS19

Chanel Spring 2019 RTW

Ulla Johnson Spring 2019 RTW


Get The Look! Shop Raffia (Straw) Accessories For Spring 2019

Eugenia Kim Mirabel Straw Hat, $515

Chinese Laundry Zuzu Straw Platform Sandal, $79.95

Jimmy Choo Dellena Snake-Print Espadrilles, $595

Banana Republic Straw Circle Crossbody Bag, $78

Gucci Ophidia Mini Woven Crossbody Bag, $1,690

What is your favorite raffia accessory for Spring 2019?

– Carmen Turner

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