The Mother of All Jeans: High Waisted Jeans

Remember a decade ago when it seemed you had to wear your jeans super low? We saw more thongs than we wanted to. Thank GOD that trend has passed. Well one trend I am absolutely loving is the high waisted jean. Why? Because it holds everything in and makes you look slimmer! I am talking to you other moms who know what I mean! Now do not confuse what I am talking about here with “Mom” jeans because if you are an actual mom, they are not a good idea. They are a throw back to the 90’s, will make you look older and don’t even look great on millennials. I tried a pair on at Zara and it was horrifying. They were too baggy in the thighs and butt. If Monica Geller wore them and you know what I am even talking about then stay away from Mom jeans!

How To Wear High Waisted Jeans

Wear them any way you want! You are going to love how slimming they are. When I first tried them on I found the fact they came up past my belly button a little disconcerting. Then I looked in the mirror and noticed I looked like like I had instantly lost 10 pounds so I got on board right away. You can also wear a boxy or slightly cropped top or sweater with high waist jeans and not fear your stomach will show. It won’t because it’s covered. Brilliant right?

If you are looking for a great pair of slimming jeans that costs under $100 check out the Slim-Station by Multiples jeans! They actually slim you in all the right places!


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At any rate here are some high waisted jeans to check out and I made sure they all come in under $100. You’re welcome.

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