high waisted jeans 6 pairs on models

The Mother of All Jeans: High Waisted Jeans

Remember a decade ago when it seemed you had to wear your jeans super low? We saw more thongs than we wanted to. Thank GOD that trend has passed. Well one trend I am absolutely loving is the high waisted jean. Why? Because it holds everything in and makes you look slimmer!

It’s Time To Restyle Your Closet For Fall

One good thing about getting older is you know what you like and you know what you will wear. Every day I tend to wear a “uniform” that can go from the office to evenings to weekends. And each season I try to update my look to include a few new trends I see, adore and know can work with my standbys or basics I wear year after year. Since fall is finally here it’s time to switch out my closet and revamp my uniform for the cooler days ahead. If I plan this correctly, I will be able to mix up the pieces so my outfits will look different and I won’t get bored either. On the other hand, I will be able to get dressed quickly (even when I am half asleep) and be ready for anything each day