It’s Time To Restyle Your Closet For Fall

One good thing about getting older is you know what you like and you know what you will wear. Every day I tend to wear a “uniform” that can go from the office to evenings to weekends. And each season I try to update my look to include a few new trends I see, adore and know can work with my standbys or basics I wear year after year. Since fall is finally here it’s time to switch out my closet and revamp my uniform for the cooler days ahead. If I plan this correctly, I will be able to mix up the pieces so my outfits will look different and I won’t get bored either. On the other hand, I will be able to get dressed quickly (even when I am half asleep) and be ready for anything each day.

The look I’m going for for Fall 2016 is “Prince with Jeans.” I am drawn to oversized blouses with ruffles and volume and I think they add a bit of a dress-up factor to jeans – which I wear almost every day. I am a self-proclaimed shoe addict, and even though I have plenty of pairs to wear, this season I have my eye on what Lauren calls David Bowie Boots. These booties are colorful, textured or patterned and will make a statement with any pair of jeans, and no jewelry is required! While I go crazy with footwear I need help when it comes to jewelry. Well I have to save somewhere!

Here is what I need for my new uniform. (Feel free to copy, that’s why I am sharing this with you!) All you need are 4 basic pieces.


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Statement Shirt + Jeans + Black Jacket + Embellished Booties = Fall 2016 uniform


I have several black and patterned “Prince shirts” with scarf tie necks, high collars, laces that are slightly oversized but I could use a few more shirts. I would especially like one in white with lots of ruffles!


I already have enough pairs and plan to continue to wear my black skinnies, black coated (they look like leather), black flares as well as my boyfriend style jeans with medium and slightly distressed washes. However I am going to wear more of my cropped styles (I am one of the few people who kept cropped flare jeans from the year 2000) and I may cut more pairs at the hem to show off my boots. See my how-to crop your own jeans video here.

Black Jackets

I have a collection of black jackets including moto-style, menswear inspired, military style and fitted. However I am always on the lookout for another jacket. You know the saying, “You can’t be too rich, too thin or own too many black jackets.” (Yes, I am the one who made that statement.)


I have collected many pairs of boots and booties (but I wish I kept a pair of plum velvet block heeled booties I had 10 years ago – who would think?) Instead I will seize the opportunity to get a pair of the new embellished booties that are so on-trend this season (refer to Lauren’s post above).

After making this list I can see I am good on the number of jeans, blouses, sweaters and leather jackets I already own, but need to add on a ruffle white blouse and cool pair of embellished booties.

Here are a few examples of my fall uniform. You can see how I can mix and match the pieces and get plenty of mileage.

Pictured at the top of this post:

Jacket: Topshop Leather Biker Jacket, $360  |  Statement Shirt: Caroline Constas Boyfriend Tuxedo Chemise, $425  |  Jeans: McGuire Denim Cropped Malone Slim Jeans, $233  |  Booties: Rebecca Minkoff Bojana Embroidered Booties, $295


Jacket: ONE by Elliatt Chrome Blazer, $172 |  Statement Shirt: Le Sarte Pettegole Ruffled Woven Stripe Blouse, $248  |  Jeans: Acne Studios Row Slouchy Straight Jeans, $260 |  Booties: Dune Oxford Floral Heeled Ankle Boots, $186


Jacket: Mackage Cleo Leather Jacket, $750  |  Statement Shirt: Free People Nu Nu Jumo To The Beat Tee, $98 |  Jeans: M.i.h Jeans The Marrakesh Micro Flare Jeans, $235 |  Booties: ASOS ELMERY Jacquard Ankle Boots, $68


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