Do You Own The Latest Trend In Jeans? You Can Make Them Yourself!

Do you want to wear the latest trend in jeans, but you don’t want to spend $200 on a pair that may go out next year anyway? The cropped staggered or stepped hem jeans are a chic look for women of any age. These jeans are usually higher waisted, and have a raw cut hem that’s shorter in the front and longer and angled in the back.


Watch my video to find out how easily you can  make the look yourself.


A pair of higher waisted flare or straight leg or flare jeans. You may have kept a pair of flares that fit you well, or you can get a pair at a resale shop or on sale or at a store like GAP.

A pair of scissors

Straight pins or safety pins

A tape measure or ruler


Try the jeans on and cuff them up a few inches above your heel in the back. This is how long they will be in the back. Pin them up and make sure both legs are cuffed to the same length by measuring the inseam with the tape measure, or just by folding and comparing the the 2 legs!

Quick Trick: If you have a pair of cropped jeans with a length you like, you can double-check where you measured your longer length. The longer length should be 3 inches longer than your favorite cropped pants. The front will then match up to your favorite cropped pants length.


1. Cut the hem of the jeans all around to this longer length with your scissors.

2. Measure with your tape measure 3 inches up from the hem in front at the outside seam of the pants leg. Mark with a pin.

3. Cut a slit up the side to the 3 inch mark on the inside of the side seam. Leave the stitched side seam in tack.

4. Cut straight across the front of the jeans or slightly angle down to the inside seam. (I angled my pair to about 2-1/2″ at the inside seam. You can measure this or just wing it like I did!)

5. Cut at an angle or slightly curved out from the inside seam to the longest length in back. Do the same for the other leg!

Now you have a new pair of jeans! Style like the inspiration look on Emma Roberts (above) with heels, a black blouse, a bright colored mini bag and toss a leopard print jacket over your shoulders!

Enjoy your sophisticated, on trend look for less!


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