I Dared To Bare – I Tried An Off-the-Shoulder Top and I Liked It

Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand
Just like that river twisting through a dusty land
And when she shines she really shows you all she can
Oh Rio, Rio dance across the Rio Grande

–Duran Duran

I know I have been pretty hard on the off-the shoulder top and here I am wearing one. Yes, I dared to go bare shouldered. My husband and I had to attend a Rio themed party and when I did some research I learned I should wear something bright. I don’t own anything with a bright pattern, so I was on the hunt. I was searches high and low and was striking out left and right. I had found a pineapple bag on clearance from ASOS and figured I could wear a black dress like I always do a get an updo and stick a flower in it. Boring.


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Then a few days before the party I wandered into a Lester’s store which is next door to my physical therapy and there it was. A bright floral top. One problem. Well two. It was off-the-shoulder and it was full price. I was excited to possibly wear this style of top if it looked good on me, but I was not happy to pay full retail for a summer top in the middle of July! I swear I managed to find the one item of summer clothing that was NOT marked down in the store. I also feared someone else would wear it to the party since the store is close to my town.


So I took it to the dressing room and it was long enough (no tummy exposure) and didn’t look half bad. I needed to make sure I had a good strapless bra and thankfully I had bought one last winter for another party. I knew the top would work with white skinny jeans and some sandals. So I put the top on the counter, asked them to make sure the top was actually full price, found it was, and very unhappily ran my credit card through the machine. Yet, I was excited about the outfit.

The day of the party (after my mani and pedi) I ran to Michael’s to buy a big red plastic flower for my hair and then I was excited because I thought “I’ve got this.” Only  problem is that I can’t do an updo for sh*t and the one person I know who could do it, was not able to come over. So I found a video on YouTube for an Easy Double Dutch Braid Updo and watched it three times! I was thrilled I got it right my first try. I added some fringe earrings, a red lip and I was out the door.


Thankfully nobody else was wearing the top and my bag was a hit! Score.




Top: Oddly Lester’s does not have an online store (it’s 2016), this top is very similar; Stylenanda Floral Balloon Sleeve Off-Shoulder Top, $47

Jeans: Old Navy Mid Rise Stay White Rockstar Skinny Jeans, $44.94

Bag: New Look Embellished Pineapple Clutch, $15.37 I am quite confident I will never use it again.

Sandals: Matt Bernson from a few seasons ago, no longer available. These Sam Edleman ‘Dawson’ Ghillie Sandal, $99.95 are similar

Earrings: Bluma Project Shiloh Hoop Earrings, $84

Bangles: BudHaGirl All Weather Gold Bangles Buddhist Prayer, $110

Sunglasses: Dior ‘So Real’ 48mm Sunglasses, $620

Here are some other options to try:


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