Pellevé: A Non-Invasive Solution To A More Youthful Face!

Pelleve I am not a fan of skin peels and laser treatments and it’s expensive to use injectables as a method to look younger. They can also be a way to look ridiculous! I think women are tired of appearing like their face is frozen and surprised. Add a pair of Daffy Duck lips and it’s a slippery slope. So when I had the opportunity to try a Pellevé® treatment, I thought this would be the perfect treatment for me. WHY I WAS INTRIGUED •  Pellevé® is non-invasive. It does not use needles, lasers or surgery so there is no recovery time. Pellevé is a combination of radiofrequency and heat to soften fine lines and reduce facial wrinkles. The treatment feels like a warm facial massage. •  Because Pellevé uses radiofrequency technology to painlessly heat the skin, it stimulates the production of new collagen to improve wrinkles. This results in smoother and younger looking skin. •  It provides eye revival: Smooth crow’s feet and open up tired looking eyes. Patients who were close to having surgery found Pellevé to be a solution. •  You can do a treatment over lunchtime: There is no downtime – a treatment lasts 30- 60 minutes and you can go back to the office. Unlike lasers that use light to target the layers of the skin, Pellevé gently heats the skin below the surface without damaging the skin’s surface. There is no restriction to sun exposure (It won’t interfere with your summer!) and it can be used on all skin prototypes. Patients notice best results with three treatments spaced one month apart. BEFORE AND AFTER PELLEVE PHOTOS 3-Pelleve-Before-&-After-Treatment-Photos 7-Pelleve-Before-&-After-Treatment-Photos-mouth MY PELLEVE EXPERIENCE I tried the treatment at full-service Salon Duo at 1400 N Lake Shore Drive with licensed Esthetician Julie Reinstein. We became fast friends! First of all, she appeared to be at least 10 years younger than me and I found out she is only 1 year younger! She agrees that women no longer want to look plastic-y, and many want to avoid going under the knife. She believes in using Pellevé for her clients (and herself!) and has seen the results on a wide variety of women of all ages. The younger you are the more results you may see, but she has a few 80 year old clients who respond very well to the treatment.
Julie Reinstein Esthetician at Salon Due
Julie also told me she feels good about using this treatment because there is very little pain for her clients. She showed me the different sized wands she was going to use and how she was going to keep them moving over areas on my face so it would not be uncomfortable. During the treatment I let her know when it felt a bit too hot on my skin, and she immediately moved on and avoided any pain. (This happened maybe like only 2 times!) It was like a massage –  all you have to do is lay back and relax and listen to music. She also tightened the skin on my neck and decollete. Yes! I thought, get rid of any saggy skin you can find! pelleve-machine The results were amazing! I looked in the mirror immediately after the treatment and felt I looked 10 years younger! (Later I realized I also had a band around my head, so when I went home it was more like 6 years younger – but I’ll take it!) Julie advised me to drink a lot of water before and after the treatment. I asked her if I could work out right after the treatment, but she recommended I avoid getting overheated with strenuous exercise for 24 hours. That was the only “down time” which was no problem for me! My results are are very subtle. I have a have a lot of deep wrinkles to work with on my forehead, smile lines around my eyes and marionette lines. While I still see the lines, they are not as deep! Somehow she plumped up the collagen in my cheeks, reminding me of my younger days. With continued treatments I can see how the wrinkles will soften even more. I can also see how had I started this sooner, I could have avoided the wrinkles to begin with! Give it a try! You can look (or stay) naturally younger with Pellevé. For more information go to
Salon Duo
Make an appointment at Salon Duo  |  1400 N Lake Shore Drive  |  Chicago, IL  60610  |  312-646-8710 – Carol Calacci Visit for more antiaging treatment reviews. Service provided for review but the opines are my own. Photos: Second City Style and Pellevé.  

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