Celebrity Style Steal: Reese Witherspoon Gets Wild With Navy

A statement coat is the way to go when a last minute dinner plan pops up and the perfect outfit is nowhere in sight. Actress Reese Witherspoon pulls together a foolproof look that is both easy and chic to wear. What I really love about this ensemble is that she opted for navy instead of the usual black dress and heels. Reese Witherspoon gets wild with navy! Many people are afraid to pair navy and black, however, together they make a very sophisticated color pallet (hey, Coco Chanel did it). Also with the warmer weather soon to come, navy is a great alternative neutral color to expected black.

Baume & Mercier’s New Affordable My Classima Collection

Are you looking for a luxury watch for that someone special or just ready to treat yourself? Baume & Mercier watches might have previously been out of your price range, but now they have introduced a line that makes them a little less inspirational and a lot more attainable. The My Classima Baume & Mercier …

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Must-Know Tips To Keep You Fit: How To Video

It has only been one month since everyone set their New Year’s fitness resolutions to exercise more, get to (or join) the gym and get back in shape! However every year it seems right around now (Valentine’s Day) the health clubs get a little less crowded and there’s a lot more room in the fitness …

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Celebrity Style Steal: Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller shows us how to mix patterns, textures and use bold embellishments for her 70s style rocker look. We love her vintage-inspired collarless leopard print fur and found this Maximilian Feathered Fox Fur Coat (on sale!) for our Sienna look-alike ensemble. Under the coat wear this basic black Vince ‘Favorite’ Soft Cotton Turtleneck and …

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