Do You Own The Latest Trend In Jeans? You Can Make Them Yourself!

Do you want to wear the latest trend in jeans, but you don’t want to spend $200 on a pair that may go out next year anyway? The cropped staggered or stepped hem jeans are a chic look for women of any age. These jeans are usually higher waisted, and have a raw cut hem that’s shorter in the front and longer and angled in the back. Watch my video to find out how easily you can make the look yourself.

Fun With The Kids: Cheryl’s Cookies Halloween Cut-out Cookie Decorating Kit

How can one resist a cookie decorating kit that includes cookies that are already baked? You can’t! It doesn’t get any easier than this Cherly’s Cookies Halloween Cut-out Cookie Decorating Kit. It arrives with everything you need INCLUDING 24 already baked un-frosted cookies in pumpkin and ghost shapes, orange and white buttercream frosting (the frosting …

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(Popcorn) Balling: The Popcorn Factory’s Popcorn Ball Decorating Kit

This past Saturday was rainy, cold and my kids were bored. Thankfully I had just received a Popcorn Ball Decorating Kit from The Popcorn Factory! As soon as my boys saw the decorating candies included in the kit (Smarties®, Mini Grahams, Tootsie Rolls®, Candy Corn, Tootsie Roll® Midgies®, Candy Eyes, Licorice Bridge Mix and Caramel …

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