(Popcorn) Balling: The Popcorn Factory’s Popcorn Ball Decorating Kit

Popcorn Ball Decorating Kit, The Popcorn Factory This past Saturday was rainy, cold and my kids were bored. Thankfully I had just received a Popcorn Ball Decorating Kit from The Popcorn Factory! As soon as my boys saw the decorating candies included in the kit (Smarties®, Mini Grahams, Tootsie Rolls®, Candy Corn, Tootsie Roll® Midgies®, Candy Eyes, Licorice Bridge Mix and Caramel Corn) they were completely game for this edible activity. Mind you I had a hard time keeping the little one from eating the candy before the decorating part even began.
Candies, Popcorn Ball Kit
Here’s what comes in the box.
The kit comes with 8 perfectly formed (and deliciously sweet) popcorn balls, the assortment of candy and and two Candy Writing “glue” Tubes that are basically delicious white chocolate frosting. Simply warm the tubes in hot water until they soften, snip the tips and start gluing candy to the popcorn balls! So much fun do make and eat and my sons were completely entertained.
Popcorn Balls, Decorated, Chldren's Art
Here is some of our completed artwork (before they were eaten of course).
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