Sassoon AW15 Radian/t Collection: Update Your Hair For Fall

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Fall is the perfect season to update your hair cut, color and style. Choose a Sassoon style from the new AW15 Radian/t collection. Sassoon Professional celebrates 60 years of iconic style, drawing on the unmistakable Sassoon signature approach to showcase cool, pared back hair with effortless shine. “The use of a strong cut and color technique means the final result is very simple,” says Mark Hayes, Sassoon International Creative Director. “At Sassoon Salon we understand the beauty in simplicity. Some things are meant to be innately cool and effortless, like a Sassoon haircut.”
Middel Part hair, Sassoon, AW15 Radian/t collection
“The perfect center part is easy to achieve with freshly washed hair. While the hair is still wet, use a tail-comb to draw a straight line from the front hairline to the back. It has to be absolutely poker straight and with no strays,” says Traci Sakosits, Sassoon North America Creative Director.
Short Hait, Brunette, Sassoon AW15 Radian/t collection hair
Like all great design, these shapes are essentially timeless and offer a chic and stylish approach to your new season look. “A side-swept fringe adds drama to the classic bob,” says Sakosits, “It’s ideal for creating a ‘Rock Chic’ look and works best on hair with gentle natural movement.”
Red Hair, Messy style, Sassoon AW15 Radian/t collection
According to Richie Rivera, Sassoon North America Color Director, “The Radiant color palette blends warm tones to support and enhance intrinsic shine, offering subtle gradients of brown through to blonde, and accented with tones of mulberry red, true red and copper. Darker tones are strategically placed at the base of the hair to create three-dimensional depth, with the lighter top colors to enhance shine to its fullest potential.”
Sassoon, blind hair, AW15 Radian/t collection
Blonde hair adds radiance to the face and is full of optimism. “This look is timeless,” says Nicole Tabloff, Sassoon Chicago Color Director. “I always blend a custom combination of tones to create a perfect shade that’s true to my client’s needs and personality.”
Learn more about the AW15 Radian/t Collection here and visit Sassoon Salons to find a salon near you.
– Carol Calacci
Photos: Sassoon

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