Here Are The Best Hats For Summer 2020

One of the easiest ways to stay and look young is to protect your skin from the sun. And while sun protection is important, really, nothing covers any quarantine hair sins quite like a stylish hat. Which is why we think that hats of all kinds might become the most important fashion accessory of summer 2020 (after our masks, of course). Here are the best hats for summer 2020.

The Best Hats For Summer 2020

But first, a few things to keep in mind before you pick out a hat.

Remember that proportions are key. A wide brimmed hat can balance out a flowy or flared skirt or wide leg pants, but might look off or strange with a slimmer silhouette. Also consider your face shape. Baseball caps and asymmetrical styles like fedoras or panamas can look better on rounder faces, while longer faces tend to do well with bucket hats or trilbys. That said, giant floppy hats are awesome on everyone!


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One more thing to keep in mind that you need to clean the inside brims of your hats regularly, otherwise they can wreak havoc on your skin. You can hand-wash most types of hats but some materials are more delicate than others, so that’s something you want to consider when picking out a new hat.

So without further ado, here are some of our favorite hat styles and options for summer 2020…

best hats baseball cap for summer balck white stripes fountainof30
PUMA x ODIN Cap, $35

Baseball Caps

The classic casual option is good for socially distant walks, grocery store runs, and hiding your roots on Zoom calls. While wearing your favorite team or alma mater’s cap is almost always a good idea, we also love this Puma X Odin cap for a more grown-up look, especially in the black and white striped colorway.

tan bucket hat best hats for summer 2020 fountainof30
Uniqlo Women UV Prtotection Adjustable Bucket Hat, $14.90


leopard bucket hat
R13 Reversible Bucket Hat, $195

Bucket Hats

Another classic style that’s easy to wear but usually a little more sophisticated than a baseball cap or visor. We like this Uniqlo bucket hat for its UV protection and the neutral taupe would go with almost anything. If you want to splurge, we heart the R13 reversible bucket hats, especially in this leopard print (which is definitely a neutral in our minds).

navy safari summer hat fountainof30
Columbia Global Adventure™ Packable Hat II, $30.99

Safari Hats

Okay, this style can veer a little into Indiana Jones cosplay territory depending on what you pair it with, but there is no denying that it is convenient and comfortable. We’re fans of this Columbia safari hat from Zappos because it manages to be both chic and practical, plus it offers UV protection. 

panama hat fountainof30
Sunday Afternoons Havana Hat, $51

Panama Hats

These are really perfect to wear with sundresses or really any other summer looks that call for something a bit more polished than a baseball cap or visor. We like this Panama hat from Sunday Afternoons via Amazon since it comes in multiple sizes and shades; plus this particular hat is inexpensive enough to wear all the time and replace if necessary.

black floppy hat fountainof30
O’Neill White Sands Straw Hat, $38

Floppy Hats For Summer

There’s really nothing as glamorous as a giant floppy hat. Plus it helps keep people away from you! Go for some drama with this black straw floppy hat by O’Neill, also at Nordstrom.

Boater Hat fountainof30
LC Lauren Conrad Grosgrain Packable Boater Hat, now $15.20

Gondolier Hats/Boater Hats

These styles have a wide flat brim and are relatively short on top, making them excellent for day-to-day wear. Plus they look great with a fun ribbon detail, like this one from Lauren Conrad’s collection at Kohl’s.

white trilby best hats for summer fountainof30
Kate Spade New York Trilby, $98

Trilby Hats

Similar to a fedora but with a flatter and fixed brim (fedoras generally have adjustable brims), trilby hats lend some nice structure to any ensemble, but particularly flowy tops and dresses. For instance, this white Kate Spade trilby is perfectly crisp and look amazing paired with a tunic or sundress in a colorful pattern or print.

Shop The Best Hats For Summer 2020

Do you typically wear hats in the summer? Or are you exploring the options now because there’s nothing better to cover up a less than perfect hair style or color than a hat? What are your favorite styles? Let us know in the comments or in our Growing Younger Facebook group!

– Jacqueline Zenn

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