7 Anti-Aging Beauty, Nutrition and Mind-Set Books You MUST Read

I still read books. I like to turn paper pages and I like to use a highlighter to mark the important parts I want to flip back to. Knowledge is power and learning all I can about aging backwards and living the best life I can is extremely important to me. Lately I have been reading a lot and boy is there a ton of confusing and conflicting information out there. Through some of my own personal health and life events I truly believe there is a connection between a healthy mind and a healthy body both of which contribute greatly to healthy aging.

I am on a mission to find the secret to aging backwards (join my Facebook Group Growing Younger). Without a doubt these books for women over 40 I have read (one is actually on its way to me, but I have heard I will love it) are the ones you should be stacking on your nightstand or downloading to your Kindle.

Best Anti-Aging Books for Women Over 40

Beyond Beautiful: Using the Power of Your Mind and Aesthetic Breakthroughs to Look Naturally Young and Radiant by Doris Day, $17.70

Famed NYC dermatologist Doris Day, MD (yes, I have met her and yes, I love her name too) knows your mind’s thoughts and emotions are just as important as any treatment in improving the way you age. There’s no one-size fits all mold for what is beautiful. I love Day’s approach for not only debunking myths but her real expertise on why the mind-skin connection is what brings out our real beauty. The book covers topics like skin tightening, aging eyes, thinning nails, why we get wrinkles and pretty much everything in-between.


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The Longevity Diet: Discover the New Science Behind Stem Cell Activation and Regeneration to Slow Aging, Fight Disease, and Optimize Weight by Valter Longo, $16.20

The title pretty much sounds like music to your ears right? The food you eat can determine how you look and function, how you sleep, whether you will stay thin or get fat and how long you will live. You can take control of how long and how well you live based on what you eat. Yet you don’t have to be miserable and starve or eat foods you hate.

The Longevity Diet will help you lose weight and reduce abdominal fat, increase your lifespan, prevent age-related muscle and bone loss, build your resistance to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer. There is so much useful information in this book, I can’t recommend it enough.

The Face of the Future: Look Natural, Not Plastic: A Less-Invasive Approach to Enhance Your Beauty and Reverse Facial Aging by Andrew Jacono, $14.95

This book is just slightly dated but still full of great info if you are considering doing any cosmetic surgery. Not to mention, when I’m ready to do surgery Jacono is the doctor I want to do mine. He is perfecting new techniques for the most minimally invasive yet most amazingly natural facelifts.

This book also offers alternatives and anti-aging techniques. Based on Dr. Jacono’s professional experience and supported with scientific findings and medical research, the book covers everything from his approach in maintaining natural-looking beauty and the importance of balance to how to select a doctor and details of the procedures themselves. This book is very much worth your time.

The Clarity Cleanse: 12 Steps to Finding Renewed Energy, Spiritual Fulfillment, and Emotional Healing by Habib Sadeghl, $16.10

I just ordered this book on recommendation so it’s next on my list. Here is what I know. The book provides a liberating 12-step guide to recognizing the emotional issues that hold us back, with strategies to increase our energy and help us reach our potential. It’s based on the powerful mind-body strategy Dr. Habib Sadegh developed to help himself recover from cancer more than twenty years ago. The Clarity Cleanse will enable you to help your mind clear and your body heal.

After what I have been through with my spinal issues I do believe there is a connection between the mind and healing. Negative emotions can do your body severe damage. The book also includes Dr. Sadeghi’s Intentional Unsaturation Diet, which helps support emotional cleansing by removing the residue of repressed negative emotions. The diet is designed to reduce congestion in the liver, gallbladder, lungs, kidneys, and pancreas – the organs most affected by feelings such as resentment and anger. There are even recipes. I love recipes. I can’t wait to read this one.

Food Sanity: How to Eat in a World of Fads and Fiction by Dr. David Friedman, $16.14

One of the first “diet” books I ever read and the one I followed for YEARS and made the most sense to me was “Fit For Life” by Harvey Diamond. It was my bible for a very long time. So when I saw he wrote the forward to this book I knew I had to read it. Dr. Friedman breaks down all the confusion and noise when it comes to diets like Vegan, Paleo, Mediterranean Diet to a Gluten Free and Low Carb Diet, etc. The list goes on and on right?

Dr. Friedman became as confused as the rest of us so he set out to finally fins the answers to the burning question, “What the hell are we supposed to eat?” He provides a clear blue print and chapters are broken down into simple topics like, The Caveman Diet, Does Milk Really Do the Body Good?, Fish, A Plant-based Diet, the Great Vitamin Controversy, Diets and The Food and Nutrition Police. You won’t be able to put this one down.

Gorgeous For Good: A Simple 30-Day Program for Lasting Beauty – Inside and Out by Sophie Uliano, $12.76

Just like I want a spinning instructor with a great body, I want to read about a book on staying gorgeous from someone who is well, gorgeous. The beauty business and anti-aging industries are booming, but boy is it confusing. Each year, Americans spend more than $30 billion on cosmetics, and, globally, we spend about $260 billion on services and products to enhance our youth. Oh and this number is expected to grow significantly in the next few years.

As a clean beauty proponent, New York Times best-selling author of Gorgeously Green and green beauty expert Sophie Uliano speaks my language. She says you don’t have to choose. Unlike most other books, Gorgeous for Good takes the middle ground between natural and fake – not the extremes. I’m a middle ground kind of gal too. She delves into what truly healthy options actually work and which ones don’t. The results may surprise you (and yes, she talks about fillers and Botox). They did me.

Sophie writes likes she’s your BFF (which is why we are on a first-name basis). She also offers an innovative 30-day Gorgeous for Good program, which provides tools for a body-and-soul beauty regimen that will help you stay gorgeous…for good!

Dangerous Boobies: Breaking Up with My Time-Bomb Breasts by Caitlin Brodnick, $13.21

As a woman with boobs, you owe it to yourself to read this book. Yes, I didn’t want to read it either because breast cancer is a scary topic but we can’t bury our heads in the sand either. Knowledge is power. And oddly, this book is actually funny. Public speaker and comedian Caitlin Brodnick was tested for the BRCA1 gene mutation at age 28 and tested positive. Since breast cancer runs in her family she wisely had a preventative double mastectomy.

In this book Brodnick uses a warm, approachable and humor-filled look into her experience from testing to surgery to recovery. She even admits to having hated her breasts long before her surgery, and enjoying the process of “designing” her new breasts. Her story is also one about body acceptance and what it takes to be confident with and in charge of one’s body and their destiny. A breast cancer survivor friend gave me this book, and I’m so thankful she did.

I am adding this one because I have read it since I wrote this post and it’s worth mentioning.

Unexpected Recoveries: Seven Steps to Healing Body, Mind, & Soul When Serious Illness Strikes by Tom Monte, $17.95

I ordered this book recommended by a friend who knew I was suffering during the pandemic. Not only did I lose my mother, but the whole world was flipped upside down and I was eating and drinking like a person who had a month to live. I knew better, but my fears and anxiety took over. One day I woke up and had enough. I gained 10 pounds and I felt terrible. While I know this book is for those with serious illnesses, I also knew I was headed towards one if I didn’t do something about it. I am now such a fan of Tom Monte I am almost a stalker!

Anyway, this is an inspiring guide for those who suffer from chronic or life-threatening illness. It’s the culmination of a lifetime of work designed to offer hope, purpose, and―most importantly―a proactive plan. This book combines modern medical know-how, ancient healing practices, and a healing diet to provide a comprehensive and practical guidebook for physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery. Readers are provided with a seven-step program to help them on their journey of healing, with each and every step designed to be flexible.

Factors such as mental attitude, lifestyle, diet and exercise are discussed in an informative and easy-to-read manner. Along this journey, readers are introduced to twelve people who have recovered from incurable illness. Also included are a helpful resource section, a twenty-one-day menu planner, and over sixty kitchen-tested recipes. I have made many of them and am happy to say I now lead a plant-based lifestyle.

I hope you read at least one these 8 anti-aging beauty, nutrition and mind-set books and they help you achieve your goals.

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