Why You Should Never Buy Fillers & Injectables on Groupon

Maybe you’re thinking about trying a filler for the first time or you have had injectables more times than you can count. It’s tempting to save money and buy a filler or injectable (like Botox or Dysport) on Groupon (or like discount sites) because the price is too hard to resist. But have you ever stopped to think why it’s being offered so cheaply? You should think before you use a Groupon discount for cosmetic fillers and injectables.

Why You Should Never Buy Face Filler Injections on Groupon


I recently met with Dr. Marina I. Peredo, who is one of the most highly rated dermatologists in NYC, for a little Dysport touch-up (more on that in another post), and soon we got into a much deeper conversation. She is passionate about people avoiding Groupon deals. Why? Well, for one the math does not add up. “I know how much I pay for these products and there is no way they can be offering the real product for these prices.” Here are some scary reasons that a filler or injectable is being offered at such an amazing price and why you should be skeptical.

  1. The products they are injecting could be from China where regulations are different.
  2. The products they are injecting could be counterfeit.
  3. The products they are injecting could be expired.
  4. The products they are injecting could be over-diluted with saline (which means they won’t last as long. Injections like Dysport and Botox should last at least 4 months. If your results last less, it is over-diluted).
  5. The person doing the filler injection is not properly trained.
  6. They may get you in to the office and then work hard on the up-sell, so you leave spending a LOT more than the deal implies.

It’s not like those syringes are marked with the brand name, so you have no idea what exactly is being injected into your face unless it’s from someone you trust. You wouldn’t go to a discount site for a cancer treatment would you? You’d want the best treatment insurance and/or what money can buy. So why would you risk having something injected into your face/body you are not confident is the real thing? It’s your body we are talking about here!


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Additionally, are you even sure the person who is injecting you is properly trained? If not a cheap deal could turn into an expensive ordeal to fix! So do some basic research on the doctor (and it should be a doctor) who is injecting you. Only go to a dermatologist, plastic surgeon or an ophthalmologist because they are the most trained in the anatomy of the face (where the nerves and muscles are). Avoid spas and Botox parties (unless it’s at a doctor’s office) at all costs.

Dr. Marina Peredo

Also, do some basic research that your injector is a qualified board-certified specialist with proper training (visit expertinjector.org to find out). Look at the doctor’s website (which should state if they are board certified) and conduct a Google search to investigate their body of work. You should also check their social media and see if they have made television and news appearances as experts. Obviously a referral is the best way to find someone, but understand a lot of women do not feel comfortable sharing this info since they don’t want to admit they have had anything done. Besides, if a doctor does good work, you won’t be able to tell if your friend has fillers and/or injectables…unless they are an open book like me!


Remember, fillers and injectables are a luxury treatment. They are not your God given right. If you can’t afford to pay for the best doctor money can buy then don’t do it or save your pennies until you can. After all, you want the best results you can get, right? Never discount what you put in your face. You’re too important for that. One way you can try to get product for free is to contact a doctor you trust and volunteer to be a model – if you don’t mind your picture being and taken and used for their site, social media and promotional materials.

Remember, if a deal sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. That’s why you should never buy fillers and injectables on Groupon.

Marina I. Peredo, M.D., P.C.
1047 Park Ave.
New York, NY 10028
Follower Dr. Peredo on Twitter at @skinfluence

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