A Look at The Front Row Celebrities At NYFW Spring 2020

Who goes to the shows to see the runway anymore? It’s all about who’s sitting in the front row and we’re not talking bloggers, influencers, or Instagram stars. It used to be that New York Fashion Week was a super exclusive week for the fashion creme de la creme, but that has since gone out the window thanks to influencers and street style. That hasn’t stopped the celebrity appearances, though. And whether they’re around because they love the clothes or they were paid to be there, we’re glad they came to support NYFW, as long as they look good doing it. Here’s a look at some of the front row celebs at NYFW Spring 2020.

The celebrities in the front row at NYFW Spring 2020 were Kate Hudson and Nicole Kidman at Michael Kors, Ashley Graham at Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty, Karolina Kurkova at Carolina Herrera, Miley Cyrus at Tom Ford, Dua Lipa at Marc Jacobs and Cyndi Lauper at Libertine. Okay, so most of these names are B-list at best (except for maybe Nicole and Kate). But we haven’t even hit the nail on the head yet. 

The stars below were some of the biggest names at the shows this season. And they had some of the most memorable looks, for better or worse. 


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Front Row Celebs At NYFW Spring 2020

Front row celebs NYFW Spring 2020 Elie Tahari
Front row celebrities at Elie Tahari NYFW Spring 2020


Katie Holmes Eli Tahari NYFW Spring 2020 White cardigan black leather pants

Katie Holmes at Elie Tahari

I’m a big fan of Elie Tahari. I’m a big fan of Katie Holmes. Do you know what I’m not a big fan of? Too much texture. All this mix and match is not appealing, Kate. You got the denim shirt, the fuzzy white Mr. Rogers cardigan (cable knit.) Why not just stop there? The leather just confused everyone and it didn’t look good. Also it was 80 degrees in NYC so this outfit as totally confusing.

Take your cue from model Chanel Iman, also in the front row, and pair your leather pants (or in this case, sky-high leather boots) with a belted print top (or in her case, a dress.) Just don’t pair sleek leather with knit, yuck! 

Jeremy Scott 
Front row celebrities at Jeremy Scott NYFW Spring 2020

Heidi Klum black anf white sheer at Jeremy Scott spring 2020

Heidi Klum at Jeremy Scott 

Graphic looks are always fun and if you’re going to wear them anywhere, they better be at a Jeremy Scott show. This show is where cartoonish bright colors and comic book looks run amok. Heidi Klum certainly showed a penchant for comic book with her newspaper print jacket (and see-through top replete with underboob!) with a feather skirt and white heels. It’s all a bit much, but since it’s Jeremy Scott, I’ll let this one slide. His “neon rock opera” of a show (as Vogue called it) had a little bit of 80s here, a little bit of sci-fi there. And of course, Heidi went along with it, as did much of the front row.

That’s a lot of camp right there. If you’re going to do Jeremy Scott, you better go big or go home. Just leave the boobage out of it, Heidi. 

Jason Wu Collection
Front row celebrities at Jason Wu Collection NYFW Spring 2020


Linda Cardellini black dress at Jason Wu Collection Spring 2020

Linda Cardellini at Jason Wu Collection

Jason Wu is back in New York (after a year-and-a-half) and he had Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima, actresses Maggie Q and Lucy Hale, as well as Linda Cardellini in the front row. Cardellini, in my opinion, looks the most elegant, and of course, Jason Wu’s tailoring is always top-notch, so of course she does!

You may recall that Cardellini is a huge Jason Wu fan and has worn his looks before, although the last time was at a luncheon and it was in sunny yellow. This look, however, is so chic, so elegant, so precise, that I’m just glad she didn’t wear something babyish and squeaky clean (like Lucy Hale).

Tory Burch NYFW Spring 2020
Front row celebrities at Tory Burch NYFW Spring 2020

Emily Blunt red suit Tory Burch NYFW Spring 2020

Emily Blunt at Tory Burch 

I swear, Emily Blunt could wear a burlap sack and still make it fashion-forward. There’s something so elegant about the way she dresses, even when it’s in the boldest colors or the most unique trends. I guess there was a reason this actress was in The Devil Wears Prada, though truth be told, she’s so much more debonair these days.  

Tory Burch had a lot of floral and feminine looks in the audience, but Emily’s bold rust-colored power suit stood out for its tailoring, its 80s appeal, its menswear-ish essence, and its bold accessories, of course. 

Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams was also in the front row at this presentation, but it was definitely Emily Blunt that stole the show.

Do you have a favorite front row celebrity look from New York Fashion Week Spring 2020?

–Simona Shemer

Photos: Katie Holmes and Elie Tahari front row, Marie Claire | Heidi Klum, Marie Claire  |  Jeremy Scott front row, Zimbio | Linda Cardellini, Marie Claire  |  Emily Blunt, Marie Claire

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