Celebrities In The Front Row At NYFW Fall 2020

The Fall 2020 Fashion Collections have moved on to London and Milan, but New York Fashion Week had its moments, so let’s take a look at the shows. Here are some of the celebrities in the front row at NYFW Fall 2020, including my picks of the best dressed and celebs at Tom Ford Fall 2020 in LA.

Since I began celebrity fashion blogging and following the New York Fashion Week shows, first at Bryant Park, then at Lincoln Center, then all over the place, I’ve noticed that the celeb turnout at the Spring Collections are always much bigger than the ones for fall. I don’ t know why, perhaps the trends are more lively or something, or because the weather is warmer, but it’s just something that seems to happen time and time again. And even as the exclusive celeb turnout has died down (sadly, in favor of influencers and other no-names who feel entitled to be at NYFW) this continues to be the case.

This year was no exception, and regrettably, the celebrities were few and far between. But the ones who showed up, particularly at shows like Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Christiain Siriano and Tom Ford’s ‘Very LA’ showcase in Los Angeles, did so in style. 


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Celebrities In The Front Row At NYFW Fall 2020

celebrities in the front row at new york fashion week fall 2020 christian siriano
Christian Siriano front row (l to r): Angela Sarafyan, Alicia Silverstone, Leslie Jones, Heidi Klum, Rachel Bilson, Alexa Chung, Indya Moore

Christian Siriano is one of celeb fashion’s biggest success stories. And if you don’t know, then check out one of his front rows at fashion week.

NYFW fall 2020 celebrities Blake Lively, Michael Kors, Julie Louis-Dreyfus
Blake Lively, Michael Kors, Julie Louis-Dreyfus

Not sure I’m into the heavy Michael Kors suiting on both actresses, but it’s great they turned up. Blake gave birth to her third child only a few months ago, but hey, it’s Michael Kors. He’s the guy who introduced her to fashion, so she says. 

celebrities in the front row fall 2020 Tory Burch Lucy Liu and Julianne Moore
Lucy Liu and Julianne Moore at Tory Burch

Well, Lucy Liu and Julianne Moore make a bright and colorful front row at Tory Burch, if I ever saw one. 

celebs at NYFW Zoey Deutch and Camila Morrone at Coach 1941
Zoey Deutch and Camila Morrone at Coach 1941

I don’t love how the color of the coat worn by Zoey blends into her hair. However, these two in the front row were definitely great reps for the brand, which included a lot of leather and brown tones on the runway. 

front row celebrities Nike NYFW fall 2020
Rosalia and Drake at the Nike fashion show

Nike unveiled the uniforms its athletes will be wearing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games at NYFW to a start-studded crowd. It included Spanish singer Rosalia and rapper Drake as well as rappers Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar, Off-White designer Virgil Abloh, supermodel Adwoa Aboah and NFL star Saquon Barkley. The fashion show included a tribute to Kobe Bryant.

Best Dressed Celebrities At NYFW Fall 2020

NYFW fall 2020 Issa Rae yellow leather dress Proenza Schouler
Issa Rae in Proenza Schouler
celebrities at NYFW fall 2020 Emily Ratajkowski white suit at Proenza Schouler
Emily Ratajkowski at Proenza Schouler
Katie Holmes at Zimmerman dinner jumpsuit
Katie Holmes at a pre-Zimmerman dinner

During my New York Fashion Week celebrity coverage, I regularly try to showcase celebs in the front row, and not at the fashion week parties or events outside of the actual runways. Katie Holmes did make an appearance in a few of the front rows, but none of her outfits were particularly eye-catching. Except for this one. Her Zimmerman Resort 2020 look is a pretty “groovy” getup, if I may so myself. Yes, it does look a little more costume-y than what I’m used to seeing from Katie Holmes. But it certainly grabs everyone’s attention. This is Katie Holmes at a dinner for Zimmerman before the actual runway. And no, her outfit for the actual show was not as good. 

Katie Holmes NYFW front row Zimmerman jeans and black jacket
Katie Holmes at Zimmerman
celebrities at NYFW fall 2020 Kelsea Ballerini at Michael Kors
Kelsea Ballerini at Michael Kors

Apparently, Blake Lively isn’t the only one who was introduced to fashion week by Michael Kors. Kelsea Ballerini attended her very first-ever fashion show during New York Fashion Week dressed to the nines for the front row at the same Michael Kors show where Lively and Julie Louis-Dreyfus were in attendance. 

celebrities at NYFW fall 2020 Maria Sharapova at Evian
Maria Sharapova at Evian

Here’s another NYFW party look that I wouldn’t normally include but it doesn’t have anything to do with the “front row.” But you have to admit, this is the best tennis player Maria Sharapova has ever looked. She was in attendance at the Evian water event at Milk Studios during fashion week. 

celebrities at NYFW fall 2020 Eliza Scanlen at Khaite
Eliza Scanlen at Khaite

A supporting player in one of the most talked-about movies of the year, Eliza Scanlen made herself known at NYFW, appearing in the front row for shows like Proenza Schouler and Khaite. Scanlen is a big fan of Khaite, also wearing the brand to the NYC premiere of Little Women at the Museum of Modern Art. 

Logan Browning red blck floral dress at Prabal Gurung
Logan Browning at Prabal Gurung

This is a gorgeous dress worn by actress Logan Browning at the Prabal Gurung show. 

Celebrites at NYFW fall 2020 Angela Sarafyan at Adeam
Angela Sarafyan at Adeam

This is a great color (and jumpsuit) on the Westworld actress at the Adeam fashion show. 

Tom Ford Fall 2020 In LA

Tom Ford took his Fall 2020/2021 collection to Los Angeles this season, to showcase the collection two nights before the Academy Awards. The chairman of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) told Women’s Wear Daily that this year the NYFW calendar “exactly overlaps Oscar weekend.” Ford said, “The last time that happened I showed in LA and it worked quite well.” 

While the stars certainly turned out for the big event, it’s safe to say that anyone actually going to the Oscars in Tom Ford probably had their red carpet look picked out already (two days is way not enough time.) 

Some of the looks were quite classy, while others were a bit out there… ahem, Kate Hudson. But it was certainly one of the most star-studded events of New York Fashion Week Fall 2020

Tom Ford NYFW fall 2020 in LA celebs kate hudson midriff green skirt
Kate Hudson 

Not really understanding this look, Kate, but okay.

Tom Ford NYFW fall 2020 celebs Tracee Ellis Ross
Tracee Ellis Ross

Not my favorite look on Tracee Ellis Ross, but I’m liking this one a lot more than the look on Kate Hudson. 

Tom Ford celebrities fall 2020
Rob Lowe and Demi Moore

No, this isn’t the couple of the hour, but it was a nice “Brat Pack” reunion at Tom Ford in LA. 

NYFW fall 2020 Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez
Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

Here’s the true couple of the hour! Ironically JLo did not receive an Oscar nomination she likely deserved (a nomination, not a win.) 

celebrities at NYFW Fall 2020 Tom Ford
Lauren Sanchez, Jeff Bezos, Anna Wintour, Bee Schaffer 

No, I don’t think Lauren Sanchez is a style icon. But these two are not very public, so I thought it was interesting that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his partner were at the Tom Ford show, sitting next to Anna Wintour! 

celebrities at Tom Ford Fall 2020
Renee Zellweger says hello to Jason Momoa, Lisa Bonet and Kate Hudson

Looks like anyone who was anyone was at this show…

Did you see a favorite front row celebrity look at New York Fashion Week Fall 2020?

–Simona Shemer

Photos: ETOnline, People

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celebrities at new york fashion week fall 2020

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