Equinox Presents New Workout Classes

Looking for a new workout plan for the fall? Equinox has you covered with two original classes.
First is the RX Series, which prescribes the 3 “M”s – massage, mobilization and maximizing performance to revitalize the body. Designed by the Equinox Group Fitness team and Jill Miller, co-founder of Tune Up Fitness Worldwide and creator of Yoga Tune Up, this 30-45-minute class combines self-myofascial massage, range-of-motion stretches and breath strategy to recharge and reset the system for your highest performance yet.
Next is Animal Flow, a positive, free form learning environment for the exercise novice and the advanced fitness enthusiast also developed by Equinox. With each successive class, members will progress into more advanced flows, steadily increasing fluidity until they can “freestyle” their Animal Flow. See Mike Fitch, the creator of this fantastic workout demonstrating the movements here.
Maintain that summer bod throughout the year and try them both! The trainings are being offered at the Highland Park, Gold Coast and Loop Equinox locations. Visit Equinox for more information.
–Najja Parker
Photos: Equinox

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