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Having gone to plenty of sample sales over the past (nearly) 6 years I have lived in NYC, I can tell you there are not many I rush out for anymore. So when I learned Hudson Jeans was having their first ever sample sale, I just had to go. There was a VIP opening last night and I only had about a half hour to attend, so I had to make every minute count. A tip – know your size in that brand’s jeans before you go! Since all the samples were in bins marked with the size on a table with the price and a sample of each pair of jeans offered were hanging on a rack, I was able to find the jeans I wanted to try in my size in mere minutes.
Jeans were in bins clearly marked with sizes. Ignore Flat Stanley. I'm doing a solid for my cousin's daughter.
Jeans were in bins clearly marked with sizes. Ignore Flat Stanley. I’m doing a solid for my cousin’s daughter.
The selection of Hudson Jeans I decided to try on.
The selection of Hudson Jeans I decided to try on.
Be warned, the dressing rooms at sample sales are usually communal. So wear nice underwear. There were separate curtained areas for men and women at the Hudson sample sale. As expected, some pairs fit better than others. I was leaning towards the navy cords pictured on top above, but I made a mental deal with myself I could only leave with one pair. Before I made my final decision I had to do one more quick look. It was on my second trip I noticed a pair of oxblood red coated jeans hanging on the rack and found them buried at the bottom of the $75 bin in my size. I also found a pair of army green drop crotch sweatpant style pants that piqued my curiosity that I had remembered seeing on a a mannequin at a previous press preview. I should have left those, because it was not Hammer Time and I looked truly hideous in them. They were good for a laugh though. However, I noticed every other women in the dressing room had grabbed the same oxblood coated pair. They were the clear winner. I was in an out in 30 minutes. Mission accomplished! If you are a fan of Hudson Jeans (which I am) you should check out this sample sale. There were many styles of denim available for both men and women. There were also t-shirts for men and a couple styles of tops and jackets for women. Stick with the denim. #LetYourselfGo
My new Hudson Jeans for $75.
My new Hudson Jeans (Juliette Super Skinny) for $75.
Save up to 70% off men’s and women’s Hudson denim. September 25 – 29 Wednesday — Friday, 10am—7pm Saturday, 11am—7pm Sunday, 11am—4pm 260 Fifth Ave (between 28th and 29th Sts.) – Lauren Dimet Waters

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