Fall '13 Accessory Trend: Safety Pin Jewelry

There was a time I suppose I was into DIY. I used safety pins to hold the rips in my jeans together and as jewelry. I wasn’t punk, but I suppose I was borderline ‘progressive?’ One of my good friends used to wear her house key on safety pin and wore the set as an earring. Needless to say, she eventually had to get her holes fixed. Now safety pins have become high fashion and not just functional.For years I wanted a pair of Genevieve Jones Wishing Safety Pin Earrings. However at $700 my husband basically told me to pound salt. “Seriously? It’s not 1981 and you are not a 24 year-old punker.” He had a point, but I still coveted this glammed up version even back on ’09. Finally this past Mother’s Day I got a pair of pave diamond safety pin earrings. Not exactly the pair I wanted, but I still love them. When someone asks me if they represent diaper pins because I’m now a mother…I want to smack them. No, they just really resonate with me. Even before the Met Punk Exhibit last spring.Now I am noticing safety pin jewelry everywhere! Tom Binns,  Giles & Brother and even House of Harlow now offer their own versions and some are for far less than you’d expect. Take a look at what I found and get ready to jump on the safety pin jewelry trend. Make sure to click directly on the picture to learn where I found the item.
– Lauren Dimet Waters

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